Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planning to hire freelance writer? Learn how to outsource your articles from freelance writers

I have been writing a set of rules for freelance writers recently. We are in the process of hiring freelance writers for our company. I plan to publish those rules that could result in highly successful seo content for websites if strictly adhered to. If you are a freelance writer this post could be useful to you as well. Watch out for the article on freelance writers that could boost your career as a freelance writer. Coming soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Australian English versus American English

I have been writing articles for both US and UK clients quite for a long time. Today one of my new customers asked me if I can write in Australian English. I was surprised to learn that there is a term called Australian English. I agreed to do the job for him and went on to research what this Australian English is all about.

As an Article writer you might have known the existence of British and American writing styles. Have you ever heard of Australian English? To my surprise there weren’t much explanation in the internet about the Australian English. However, I was able to browse through a few websites that provided me with a clue about Australian English.

At this juncture I would like to remind you that Australia too was under the British Empire. This gives you the clue that the so called Australian English is much closer to the British English. I found out that certain spellings and sentence structures and grammar were just like that of the British English. I am also in the process of creating a detailed article with examples of contemporary Australian English.

However, in my opinion, if you target global audience then the American is by far the best language suitable for websites. I will be posting the new article on ‘The difference between the Australian English and the American’ once I complete my research. Do keep visiting my blog and suggest articles on topics that you like to know about web content writing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank You for Your Suggestions-A Better Browser

Hi everybody,

Over the last few weeks, some of you had written to me about the distorted view of my blog. Thanks for your information and suggestions. Here I like to convey one message I had downloaded this template from the provider free of cost and I have also reported about the problem. Although elements of the template behave in a funny manner in Internet Explorer, it looks perfect in Mozilla fire fox. Mozilla fire fox is a free browser with rich and enhanced features that makes your browsing a wonderful experience. If you do not have Mozilla fire fox you can download it for free by just clicking the link given below. It just takes a few minutes to install and you can feel the difference.