Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I am back!

Dear friends,

It's been a long time since I updated this blog. Had to leave freelancing due to the pressures of life. Now, your favorite article writer will be churning out wonderful tips and tricks in the art of content writing. Enjoy reading my blog and apply my techniques to be successful in your careers. The good news is I've started content writing training program for ESL writers. I'll be posting my new discoveries in this blog shortly. Thank you all for your endurance.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Why sqidoo and hubpages are not good for seo?

Sqidoo and hubpages test the quality of the content with the help of poorly designed algorithms. They also utilize the help of visitors to determine the attractiveness of the content. Even if yours is a high quality content if it does not generate traffic then your post will be deleted or unpublished. This is not good for the websites to which the links are pointed.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to optimize your website for a keyword phrase such as personal loans

Suppose you are financier offering various types of loans and you have hosted a website for you financial business, it is important to optimize your website for relevant keywords such as personal loans so that people can find your website if they are looking to borrow money for their personal needs. There are keyword tools that suggest a variety of keywords used by the people to find lenders. These tools often provide you with popular combinations of words in a real time basis.

Using keyword variations is also a good technique to obtain targeted traffic to your website. For instance, using phrases such as personal loan, bad credit loan, or installment loan and optimizing your website for these keyword phrases will drive free targeted traffic to your website. Optimization involves in using the keyword phrases in urls, title tags, Alt_img tags, and in the textual content of your website. Do not forget to include keywords in meta descriptions and meta keywords. Remember, the latest humming bird algorithm from Google advocates naturally incorporated keyword usage. Never force a keyword in a sentence just for the purpose of seo.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New seo article writing trends and pricing

The ever changing internet has already had its impact on several aspects of online promotion. Seo article writing isn't the same as it used to be. Especially after the Google's revision of its search engine algorithms, quality of the content is being given more importance than the quantity as it earlier used to be.

This development in the internet has made several ESL writers jobless. Seo article buyers have realized how important it is to have quality articles and back links to their websites.

We too have changed our strategy from offering cheap seo articles to that of high quality ones. Writing quality articles isn't an easy task. It involves in hours of research for authentic information and that is one of the reasons why quality articles are often priced high.

Our new pricing for high quality seo articles will be $2 per 100 words. We challenge that no one else could offer quality seo article writing services at this price.

If are still looking out for the $5 article, we still have some of our good ESL writers who can do the job for you. Contact us now for all your seo article writing requirements

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Difference between $5 article and $50 article

Had you been searching for content writers in the internet, you would have come across a variety of them. While some offer a five hundred word article for $2, a few would demand $200 for the same article. This vast difference often makes buyers wonder what really the standard pricing for content writing is. Well there are no fixed standards when it comes to pricing of content writing. However, there are certain factors that determine the pricing of your web content.

  •          Experience and skill of the content writer
  •          Quality of the content
  •          Geographical location of the content writer
  •          Demand and supply
  •          Urgency of your need

 Experience and skill do matter when it comes to content writing. An experience writer would have come across a variety of topics and would have in-depth knowledge in a variety of topics. Or at least will know how to research to get accurate factual details. Newbie writers on the other hand would have to struggle before they find out authentic information on topics. There will also be difference in flow of article and in the way facts are presented.

Quality is a relative term when it comes to writing for the web. A writer who writes for Washington post may be good at presenting facts. A few characteristics of quality content include gorgeous language, perfect grammar, punctuation, persuasive text, and the like. In this case paying $200 per article is worth. However, if the purpose of your articles is for submissions to article directories and blogs, it is certainly extravagance. Well written, interesting and informative articles acceptable by article directories should not cost you more than $25. If you are planning to cut cost, then offshore service providers can deliver similar quality articles at $5/article.

If you are wondering why writers accept such low rates, you need to understand that geographical location of the content writer has a major role in costing. A writer from India can easily write quality articles at $5 and still have quality life. However, a writer from England will never even think of such rates and the least viable pricing would at least $25 for a British or an American.

Content writing is also somewhat seasonal. For example, during Christmas or Easter, the companies would try to boost their sales and thus would rush in looking for content writers. And the recent recession, for example, when the investments were low, writers had to lookout for clients. When the write approaches a client, the client can decide on the pricing, on the other hand when the client approaches a writer, it is the write who determines the price.

Urgency of your requirement has an impact on the pricing. Writing is a creative job and often need necessary time to research and be creative. However, if you need your content within a short span, writers certainly can do that but the stress involved in continuous and long working hours should certainly be compensated.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Professional writer versus creative seo writer

I had to quit my academic career and get into writing due to unavoidable reasons. I was totally unaware of what it is all about. It was in the industry I learnt who a professional writer is. Fortunately quickly I switched over to creative seo writing. Many of my clients still question me about calling myself a creative seo writer. A few of them even said that my language was good enough and that I am nothing less than a professional writer.

However, I don’t like to tag me as a professional writer because I know I am not one. I had also worked as an editor for international journals where my job was to correct grammatical errors, punctuations and the like. I have seen many great authors submitting their wonderfully written books and articles to be edited and proof read before publishing them. I was really excited to correct works of great personalities. This gave me the confidence that I could be a good writer.

Surprisingly, when I switched over to writing, I found that I wasn’t perfect in language or punctuation. When I started proof reading my own articles, I realized how difficult it is to write and proof read it all by myself. Worst of all is that even after proof reading, I was unable to detect a number of flaws in my writing which were obvious to my friends. It was then I stopped calling myself a professional writer and took on the tag creative seo writer.

I know I am good at writing creative articles and inserting keywords with natural flow in the articles. Now I am not scared of my literate friends or professional writers or native speakers that point out the flaws in my articles. In fact, many of the native speakers have become my clients and fans for the creativity and compelling text I create. They don’t mind the minute mistakes often committed by ESL writers. While I was thankful for their generosity, they were impressed by my creativity.

Creativity is very essential for seo writing. Imagine writing hundreds of articles on the same topic and yet keeping readers excited every time. This is what made me someone in the writing arena. I would gladly work for anyone who needs the helping hand of a creative writer, but I politely say no to those who look for professional writer in me. It is very difficult to be creative and perfect at the same time!  

I am honest when it comes to work. I deliver interesting and informative articles that are precious in the seo world. However, I confess I am not a professional writer! If you are one looking for that impeccable language and punctuations I am not the writer!