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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SEO writer on SOPA and PIPA

Vote against SOPA "Stop Online Piracy Act" and PIPA "Protect IP Act" and continue to enjoy your freedom in the internet.

January 18 has been a black day for the internet users. Many of the internet users found that majority of the websites, especially those that offer free knowledge services are being blacked out. It is a way of showing their protest against the SOPA and PIPA the two acts that could curb the intellectual activities on the web.

Advantages and disadvantages of SOPA and PIPA

Advantages of SOPA and PIPA include quality stuff in the internet. Today, with billions of websites offering knowledge services and other products, not all of them are original products. Yes, creativity is something that can’t be mass produced. There may be some kind of infringement as far as replicated products are concerned. Once SOPA and PIPA acts are passed, you will find many of the websites that claims to be authority sites will vanish. Only the originals will survive!  It is indeed good for businesses that make money out of their creativity. SOPA and PIPA acts will boost morale in the world of e-business.

The following are the disadvantages of SOPA and PIPA

It is a very good notion when it comes to theory; however, practically it isn’t good for the humankind. SOPA and PIPA acts would deprive internet users the availability of free knowledge bases like Wikipedia. According to SOPA and PIPA acts even accidental linking to blacklisted websites or those that comprise infringed content will get the website banned.

Moreover, there are also possibilities for two people to think alike. Even plagiarism isn’t being properly understood by the law makers themselves. For example there is a saying among the scholars “Copy from a source and you have plagiarized!  Copy from many sources, you have researched!”

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We welcome your views on SOPA and PIPA!