Monday, April 22, 2013

Professional writer versus creative seo writer

I had to quit my academic career and get into writing due to unavoidable reasons. I was totally unaware of what it is all about. It was in the industry I learnt who a professional writer is. Fortunately quickly I switched over to creative seo writing. Many of my clients still question me about calling myself a creative seo writer. A few of them even said that my language was good enough and that I am nothing less than a professional writer.

However, I don’t like to tag me as a professional writer because I know I am not one. I had also worked as an editor for international journals where my job was to correct grammatical errors, punctuations and the like. I have seen many great authors submitting their wonderfully written books and articles to be edited and proof read before publishing them. I was really excited to correct works of great personalities. This gave me the confidence that I could be a good writer.

Surprisingly, when I switched over to writing, I found that I wasn’t perfect in language or punctuation. When I started proof reading my own articles, I realized how difficult it is to write and proof read it all by myself. Worst of all is that even after proof reading, I was unable to detect a number of flaws in my writing which were obvious to my friends. It was then I stopped calling myself a professional writer and took on the tag creative seo writer.

I know I am good at writing creative articles and inserting keywords with natural flow in the articles. Now I am not scared of my literate friends or professional writers or native speakers that point out the flaws in my articles. In fact, many of the native speakers have become my clients and fans for the creativity and compelling text I create. They don’t mind the minute mistakes often committed by ESL writers. While I was thankful for their generosity, they were impressed by my creativity.

Creativity is very essential for seo writing. Imagine writing hundreds of articles on the same topic and yet keeping readers excited every time. This is what made me someone in the writing arena. I would gladly work for anyone who needs the helping hand of a creative writer, but I politely say no to those who look for professional writer in me. It is very difficult to be creative and perfect at the same time!  

I am honest when it comes to work. I deliver interesting and informative articles that are precious in the seo world. However, I confess I am not a professional writer! If you are one looking for that impeccable language and punctuations I am not the writer!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Where can I find cheap seo writer?

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bad credit loans: A boon to the commoner

Bible says that money is the God of the world! It is very true because it is money that drives the world today. While money in the hands of a good person can be utilized for all good things, it can cause havoc in the hand of an evil person. The only ones that are caught in between are the middle class. Often the lower middle class find it very difficult to make ends meet. This is where people get into bad credit history. People with bad credit history aren't really bad! They indeed deserve all privileges enjoyed by one with good credit history. In fact they should be given a chance to set right things. This is what exactly No Credit Check Loans are all about.

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