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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seo Directory submission service

Directory submission is nothing but a crucial part of seo service, where your site is added to the appropriate category at an online directory. Directory submission enhances the visibility of your site and ensures relevant inbound links to your site. We take the utmost care to manually submit your websites with attractive keyword optimized descriptions to generate quality traffic.

In order to understand the twin benefits of directory submissions you need to understand how targeted traffic is generated to websites.

Today search engines are the major source of traffic and they have certain criteria to rank website for a keyword search done by a user. As soon as a keyword search is initiated the spiders first look for relevant indexed pages in the directories. This is why it is important to get your website listed in well organized directories to be found and listed by the search engines. While this is the primary use of directory submission, the fringe benefits of submitting websites to directories include relevant inbound links.

The two major factors that improve the search engine rankings and visibility of your websites are well-optimized content and inbound links.

Directory submission is one of the most affordable means to get relevant backlinks to your website. More importantly if you have just launched your website, directory submission will help your site compete with established websites that offer same kind of products and services.

It’s true that there are a number of automatic submission tools available in the market, however, directories prefer manual submission since it makes the job easy for editors to categorize the website in the relevant categories. Moreover, providing unique descriptions during submissions would avoid duplication of the content and add weight to your website while being ranked for relevancy. This is possible only with manual submissions and as stated earlier at We ensure quick approval of your links in popular directories.

Many website owners slight directory submission for the simple reason that they are cheap. One other reason is that not many internet users check directories during the search. If you only knew that directories are the basic referral systems utilized by search engines to populate search results, you would certainly know the importance of directory submission. One other major benefit of directory submission is that you can avoid submitting your websites to search engines since they automatically pick up validated links from directories.

The following are some of the reason why you should consider our directory submission services.

  • Manual submission
  • Attractive descriptions
  • Keyword-rich anchor text
  • Powerful one-way links
  • Quick and cost-effective service
  • Clear reports

If you are on the lookout for professional service providers, we are the right people. Hire our services and enjoy unlimited traffic. To get a quote on our directory submission service, contact us now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Benefits of Directory Submission

When it comes to off page SEO, directory submission is one of the important things in website promotion. Search engines first look for the content of your website and relevant internal links to rank your website. The next thing it considers is the number of external links that point toward your website.

One way links are valuable in the eyes of search engines. Expert webmasters purchase relevant links from high PageRank websites to increase their traffic as well as PageRank. While these links could cost somewhere from $10 to $3000, manual directory submission can provide you with high quality links that can improver your website traffic as well as PageRank for a trivial sum.

You can submit your website URL to directories either manually or using software. However, manual directory submission is preferred by many webmasters and directories because automatic submissions at time do not place in relevant categories and result in rejection of your website.

If you wish to build thousands of links and if your sole aim is to increase your websites’ traffic, automated directory submission can be very helpful. Imagine building 50,000 links within a short span of 30–40 days! This type of link building is not possible manually. However, when it comes to submitting your website to high PR directories, manual submission is a must.

There are also cheap directory submission services like what we do. Our webmasters provide 100 quality one way links through manual directory submission for a fee as small as $25. There are a few websites that provide the service free of cost but requires a backlink from your website.