Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SEO Writers' Haven

Here’s good news for lovers of backlinks! offers free article submission service to web users. If you like to have your backlinks form a high PR article directory this is a wonderful place to get published. Young content writers and seo writer can take advantage of the free article submission service to gain the most need reputation and earn handsome income!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Seo writing and Importance of anchor text in obtaining link juice

While obtaining blog reviews, it is essential that you specify the keywords that need to be linked to the URL of your choice in other words get a crisp piece of SEO content to promote your products and services. In case you are focusing on the key phrase gift baskets for sports, using the exact phrase to link the web page will place your website on top positions in search engines when there is a search for the term.

There are many advantages in using the specific keyword as anchor text. For this discussion, I would like to take up the ShopWiki a revolutionary website for online shopping site for various products including sports gear. In fact it is similar to the popular search engine Google when it comes to finding the presenting online stores in the internet. To increase the SERP of a page that deals with sports for kids, the anchor text should also contain exactly the same key phrase to provide full link juice.

While the above mentioned keywords and phrases are generic and have relatively low searches, they have good KEI. It means, for searches done using the above keywords and phrases, your website will rank high in search engines even with limited backlinks. The key phrase ‘inline speed skates’ on the contrary has some competition but the number of searches is also relatively high and optimizing for this keyword is the wise thing to do. It will give you higher search engine rank as well as drive potential customers to your website. When it comes to optimizing your web pages for highly competitive keywords like the golf or tennis, care should be taken that the keyword is present in the title of the website, and that it comes as a part of the URL as well as has a good number of backlinks with exactly the same keywords.
When there is a heavy competition for the keyword, it takes a lot of time, money, and energy to make it obtain desired position in search engines. But well researched keywords with good KEI can naturally rank for searches with a limited promotion campaign. Doing so greatly reduces cost and energy and brings in targeted traffic to your website. This is the secret that SEO writers adopt to be successful.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Role of Blog Reviews in SEO and Website Promotion

When it comes to promoting your website through articles, you have a number of ways to do so. Article submission being the most exploited one certainly pays off for your efforts. However, in this article, I would like to brief on blog reviews as one of the most effective SEO strategies that can give the never before impetus to your website. ‘Content is the King’ is a common slogan among search engine optimization professionals. It is true that optimizing textual content is the only way for websites to be found among the millions.

Blog reviews are a kind of article marketing. Blog reviews usually review a product or a website in positive light. You can find a slight marketing tone in the blog post of paid blog reviews. The truth is blog reviews are worth the money you pay because it not only escalates the image of your products and services to its visitors but also provides you with valuable and permanent backlinks, which other wise is impossible to get. There are websites that sell textual links but doing this will be viewed seriously by Google!

Whereas blog reviews provide the full link juice using keyword as anchor text in a very natural way making it the most efficient way of article marketing and web promotion. What are you waiting for? Get your products and services reviewed by SEO writers and reap the harvest doubly.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Article Marketing Is the Trump Card in today’s SEO

In today’s internet marketing both onpage and offpage seo are vital to obtain huge targeted traffic to your website. Unique and relevant articles are the most valuable tools that could enrich your website as well as bring in good number of visitors. This process is known as article marketing and articles used for the purpose is termed as marketing articles. Marketing articles are also the best means of obtaining quality backlinks to your website. Expert SEO professionals know that an anchor text link with a relevant keyword in marketing article is more valuable than the links provided at the footer or at the side bars. Even in article directories the one has to place in-content links in order to obtain the complete juice of the backlink. Placing your links at the resource box do have their value however, are not as valuable as in-content links in the sight of search engines.

There are a few things to note while using marketing articles as a tool to generate traffic to your website. The first and foremost point is that the marketing article should be unique. Unique refers to both semantics and ideas. Although it is not always possible to generate new ideas, expressing the same points in a different style would certainly help because search engines do not actually understand what the central theme of the article is. Search engines are capable of only comparing words and phrases to declare contents as unique or fresh. This weakness of the search engines can be manipulated to attain high ranks in search engines with a different set of semantics for the same theme.

Google especially loves fresh content and gives importance to original and unique contents with proper keyword density. This is why the phrase content is king rules the web world. When it comes to article submissions, it is not unusual for the webmasters to submit a single marketing article to hundreds of websites to obtain backlinks from the resource box. However, they little realize that the value of these links can be drastically improved with a slight change in vocabulary. The sad truth is most webmasters that are SEO experts do not have great language skills and for the fear of messing up things, submit the same article to various article directories making it a duplicate content in the eyes of search engines and greatly reducing the value of article submissions.

Yep, it is indeed a tedious work to make the articles at least 30% unique for every submission but it certainly pays off.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Web Content Writing Tips Do’s and Don’ts


Use the following:

* Short sentences, common words, titles, subtitles, and paragraphs
* Single idea per paragraph
* Crisp concise text
* Place the most important point and conclusion first
* Layman’s language
* Build credible text
* Bulleted lists
* Highlight text with the following attributes: bold or color, hyperlinks
* Catchy headlines avoid too cute or too clever lines


Avoid the following:

* Marketing jargon
* Redundancy
* Overloading information
* Hyperbole

How to write effective content? Do people really read all your content?

Not at all, they scan for their keywords and quick information. Reading on the web is too much work! Reading from a computer screen tires the eyes. This is why, web content should be 50% shorter than print. Highlighted text and bulleted lists aid scannability thus make an effective content. Readers on the Web are impatient and are in a hurry to get the information they in need, and move on quickly. They can’t stand obscure and complex text that take a longer time to understand. They don't enjoy scrolling through masses of text either. Since there are millions of similar websites in internet, they will quickly move to your competitor’s site if they don't crystal clear information in your website.

Attracting attention and retaining reader is a real challenge, because you just have less than

Ten seconds to grab attention of your web site visitor!

60 seconds to develop the understanding required for a sale of your product or service!

courtesy: freelance content writer

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Important Facts about PageRank

Do not feel bad as it is apparent that globally the web has had a drop in PageRank. Now PageRank isn’t as important as it used to be, incredible? This article is intended to be an eye opener for many who experienced a drop in PageRank.

There has been a general drop in the PR status of websites globally, and this essentially doesn’t mean that the quality of the website or the search engine ranking or the traffic it drives have come down. In fact, there has been a great change in the way search engines rank a site. The importance of PR in search engine algorithms have been greatly reduced, while other metrics of the website are aggregated and given equal importance to get the required search engine ranking.

A decade ago PR was the most important metric to many webmasters. They used to wait for the monthly Google PR updates any small increase in the little green bar could enthuse the whole team, while a drop in PR seemed to doom their world. Now Google has changed the trends by reducing the importance of PR in the ranking algorithm.

This fact becomes obvious as the monthly updates were changed to irregular quarterly updates of PR by the Google. Now the webmasters have started to rely on other metrics for search engine ranking and traffic that promote sales, which is the bottom line. Placing undue importance on PR even after the most desired change prevails among most website owners.

Google still takes into account the value of relevant links in its algorithm. However, the Google PageRank value (between 0–10) displayed in the Google toolbar is not the one used by Google internally for ranking purposes. It means that a page where the toolbar shows ‘0’ as PageRank might really have internally a much higher PageRank, such as 3 or 4.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Planning to hire freelance writer? Learn how to outsource your articles from freelance writers

I have been writing a set of rules for freelance writers recently. We are in the process of hiring freelance writers for our company. I plan to publish those rules that could result in highly successful seo content for websites if strictly adhered to. If you are a freelance writer this post could be useful to you as well. Watch out for the article on freelance writers that could boost your career as a freelance writer. Coming soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Australian English versus American English

I have been writing articles for both US and UK clients quite for a long time. Today one of my new customers asked me if I can write in Australian English. I was surprised to learn that there is a term called Australian English. I agreed to do the job for him and went on to research what this Australian English is all about.

As an Article writer you might have known the existence of British and American writing styles. Have you ever heard of Australian English? To my surprise there weren’t much explanation in the internet about the Australian English. However, I was able to browse through a few websites that provided me with a clue about Australian English.

At this juncture I would like to remind you that Australia too was under the British Empire. This gives you the clue that the so called Australian English is much closer to the British English. I found out that certain spellings and sentence structures and grammar were just like that of the British English. I am also in the process of creating a detailed article with examples of contemporary Australian English.

However, in my opinion, if you target global audience then the American is by far the best language suitable for websites. I will be posting the new article on ‘The difference between the Australian English and the American’ once I complete my research. Do keep visiting my blog and suggest articles on topics that you like to know about web content writing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank You for Your Suggestions-A Better Browser

Hi everybody,

Over the last few weeks, some of you had written to me about the distorted view of my blog. Thanks for your information and suggestions. Here I like to convey one message I had downloaded this template from the provider free of cost and I have also reported about the problem. Although elements of the template behave in a funny manner in Internet Explorer, it looks perfect in Mozilla fire fox. Mozilla fire fox is a free browser with rich and enhanced features that makes your browsing a wonderful experience. If you do not have Mozilla fire fox you can download it for free by just clicking the link given below. It just takes a few minutes to install and you can feel the difference.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Benefits of Directory Submission

When it comes to off page SEO, directory submission is one of the important things in website promotion. Search engines first look for the content of your website and relevant internal links to rank your website. The next thing it considers is the number of external links that point toward your website.

One way links are valuable in the eyes of search engines. Expert webmasters purchase relevant links from high PageRank websites to increase their traffic as well as PageRank. While these links could cost somewhere from $10 to $3000, manual directory submission can provide you with high quality links that can improver your website traffic as well as PageRank for a trivial sum.

You can submit your website URL to directories either manually or using software. However, manual directory submission is preferred by many webmasters and directories because automatic submissions at time do not place in relevant categories and result in rejection of your website.

If you wish to build thousands of links and if your sole aim is to increase your websites’ traffic, automated directory submission can be very helpful. Imagine building 50,000 links within a short span of 30–40 days! This type of link building is not possible manually. However, when it comes to submitting your website to high PR directories, manual submission is a must.

There are also cheap directory submission services like what we do. Our webmasters provide 100 quality one way links through manual directory submission for a fee as small as $25. There are a few websites that provide the service free of cost but requires a backlink from your website.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hi my dear fans!

Hi my dear fans!

You have been expecting a lot more from me. I really have to beg your pardon as I was involved in too many projects and unable to cater to all my web visitors. Even now I am really busy yet I wanted to let you people know that I haven’t forgot you.

I promise to give your more on web content writing and seo tips in the near future. Thank you for your endurance. do visit my site often.



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things that freelance content writers need to know

As many of my friends wishing to be freelance content writers were asking me about how I was able to do projects and get payments, I thought posting these points in my blog could also benefit a multitude of other novice freelance content writers.

These are tips for freelance content writers to successfully complete their projects. When it comes to freelance content writing, you are exposed to a world of uncertainty. However, you can safeguard yourself from those who exploit you by following the procedures which standard companies do.

Things to consider while bidding for freelance content writing jobs

• Do not compete with those who provide services at unbelievable rates. Only two possibilities are with this kind of offers. Either they are amateurs or cheats.

• Accepting anything below your hourly rate should be only done only after careful analysis.

• Before you start the projects get clear instructions from your employer in writing. If your offshore employer is not clear ask him for sample contents and urls.

• While you can happily provide content for your well known clients and get paid, you should always consider an advance payment of 30–50% of the project cost, when you take up jobs from the unknown client.

• Check the standards of the clients’ website to produce content as per the existing standards. Else your content will be of too high standards for the audience.

• As soon as you complete your projects you got through bidding sites, do post a review about your client, and you should be honest in your review so that you enable your brethren to choose good employers.

• Be punctual in completing the projects and do ask for a review from your employer so that you get a positive image which can boost your chances of winning bids.

If you do not find all the points here do ask me question in the comment section and I shall provide you with apt answers

Friday, March 20, 2009

What is off page seo?

Earlier I had mentioned about the two parts of successful seo. While the first article is about onpage seo, this article will provide you some useful details on off page seo. To put it in a nut shell off page seo is nothing but link building.

Although it sounds so easy, in reality it is a tedious job. While building backlinks for your website, you need to understand that the links are viewed as votes for your blog by the search engines. The truth is not all links have the same value. A link from PR5 web page is has more value than a link from PR0. At the same time if a link is obtained from PR5 web pages that are not relevant holds no value.

This is why relevancy is very important when it comes to link building or off page seo. There are a number of strategies for link building. I shall discus each one of them in detail. Do visit the site often to learn more about off page search engine optimization.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Advantages of onpage optimization

Are you looking for SEO advice? Online search engine optimization or onpage seo is the first step in search engine optimization. When it comes to onpage seo, keywords and phrases play an important role in driving targeted traffic to your website. There are many websites the really don’t have any of external links that point toward it, yet these websites attract a good amount of free targeted traffic without spending a dime on link building.

The reason is that they are well optimized for real time searches. There are a number of free search engine optimization tools available in the internet. These free search engine optimization tools help you identify the relevant keywords and phrases that bring in free targeted traffic. Advantages of onpage optimizations are many, however to benefit from onpage seo, you need to understand the algorithmic patterns and seo rules set by major search engines.

When it comes to onpage seo, truly content is king! Words and phrases do play a major role. Onpage seo starts even as you purchase your domain. Make sure that your domain name reflects the niche and includes important keyword that will bring in traffic to your website. All other sections of the web page, such as title, heading, meta tags, urls, alt image tags, labels, etc should be optimized with relevant keywords. All these things work together for the good of your website.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Google PR versus Search Engine Ranking

Of late, many websites have seen a drop in the Google PR. This has resulted in slowdown of the internet market in general. It is true that Google PR plays an important role in evaluating the website. However, you should realize that Google PR isn’t the only criteria that search engines use to rank you website.

Webmasters have always aimed at an increase in the green bar and have always worked toward raising it a bit more every month. Now with irregular PR updates Google itself seems to have sidelined it. Google PR had been the hottest topic of debate among the orthodox SEO experts and the revolutionary sales promoters in the recent past. Whatever the result be one thing is clear; if you do not adapt yourself to the changing trends in the internet, you are likely to experience a drop in your sales.

Website owners and webmasters often forget that the goal of launching a website is to increase business and not just increasing PR. It is certainly not a bad idea to link to authentic websites that can drive the desired traffic to your website and increase sales. Yet another obvious way to get high traffic is through article marketing. Well written articles are the sure-fire way to get unlimited free targeted traffic to your website.

There was a time when free websites were looked down up on. Now, in fact, free blog sites are the ones that rank for almost every keyword and many prestigious websites look at these blog sites to drive traffic to them. Just decide if you need an increase in the green bar or your bank account! If the latter is your choice, then act now and find the best way to drive traffic to your site and boost your sales. It’s time to think out of the box and keep your lucrative online business going.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What is SEO writing?

I had been so far writing about good content writing. For a while I will be posting articles on SEO writing. Search engine optimization (SEO) of a website can be rightly divided into two parts for our convenience as seo writing and link building. While seo writing involves the use of relevant keywords and phrases in various parts of the website, link building is the process of acquiring relevant backlinks that point toward you site. The technical term for seo writing is onpage optimization. And link building process is popularly known as offpage optimization.

My first set of articles on SEO will focus on seo writing i.e. onpage optimization. Onpage optimization or seo writing requires a good knowledge of the search engine algorithms latest trends in seo writing, and a thorough knowledge about various types of websites. The most important things every seo writer should know is about white hat seo writing and black hat seo writing. While white hat seo writing can do much good black hat techniques in seo writing will end up in disastrous consequences.

Friday, February 27, 2009

How to become an on line web content writer?

Being a professional content writer, I often encounter one redundant question “How to become an online web content writer?”

My suggestions to become an online web content writer are as follows:
(Note: this is for people who are good at English)

Learn to research on topics
Research is a vital part. To become an online web content writer, you should develop your ability to write on almost every topic.

Learn SEO
A little knowledge about search engine optimization will help you to become a successful online web content writer.

Gain popularity
There are a number of websites that publish articles for free. At the early stages do not look for big money. Include you name and photo and publish your articles.

Create your own website
Owning a website gives you lot more opportunity and exposure. It is easy to start a blog site with either blogger or wordpress.

Check bidding sites and forums
Frequently visit bidding websites and forums and quote the lowest price at the beginning until you get some great feed back.

Need to know more ways to earn online as a web content writer? Ask me

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pick the best content writer—Contest

All writers are equal while some are more equal!

Wondering what’s it all about? I am to reveal a great sensible truth about content writers in this article. Let me tell you if some one is bold enough to offer article writing services then you must understand that the person has some stuff and can express himself in the angle he views the matter.

I elucidate this with a simple example. I had been interviewing candidates for web content writing in my company. There were six people competing for 3 content writer vacancies. They were all fresh candidates eager to pursue their career as content writers. In the first round of tests, I gave them a topic and asked them state their views in two sentences.

This was the out come for the topic ‘Food’.

• To prepare food, you need to add required ingredients in proper proportion and heat it until it is cooked.

• Food provides us with the necessary energy for us to live and work. It is important to have well balanced food to live a healthy life.

• Foods are of two types. One is the vegetarian diet and the other one is the non-vegetarian diet. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

• Food is the god of the world. Every toil and effort made by us is to obtain this precious thing. There is no life without food.

• Food is the fuel of living beings. It is like gas for vehicles, every thing comes to a halt with out sufficient food.

• Food is the panacea for the human kind if taken appropriately. However, when we exceed limits food can turn into a poison.

Tell me now, which is right and which is wrong? In my view all of them are right. A similar situation exists when it comes to choosing a content writer for your web needs! How would you pick one? Post your answers as comments I’ll let you know how to choose one among the various writers.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Email marketing the best marketing tool for small businesses

While advertisements are the easiest means to promote your business, you should be wise in selecting the effective marketing tools lest you will burn your fingers especially during a recession period like this.

Email marketing is a fast growing effective and cheap method of advertising small businesses. All you have to do is collect the email ids of people interested in your products or services and send them a wisely drafted newsletter highlighting your specialties and offers.

The three important points to note while drafting your newsletter are the subject line, heading and the salutation.

Subject line is the most important of all the three. First thing you have to note is that your mail should not end up in the spam folder. Do keep it simple yet attractive. Never add the words ‘free or offers’ in the subject line. Save, Earn, and Gain are the words that attract the immediate attention of the readers during the meltdown period.

As far as the heading of your letter is concerned make it short while stating your offers and discounts in an attractive manner. The catchy lines of your newsletter heading should create the interest to read the letter word by word.

While you should keep the letter short state all your business details in crispy language with out boring the reader. Else your subsequent letters are sure to land in the trash with being opened at all.

Finally, salutation, the closing lines of your newsletter should end with grace. Do remember to add your signature to the email and make it personal. Adding your address telephone number or cell number to the newsletter will create a trust that is good for the growth of you business.

It is worth to spend a few dollars to hire a professional content writer who is well experienced in writing for the web. For more details like automated email responder newsletter templates and writing services contact me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Content Writing & Content Writers

Had you been reading my articles about content writing here you certainly by now should have some knowledge on writing for the web. I just wanted to share with you the wonderful web content on writing. Check it your self here Content Writing & Content Writers Any one is willing to pursue content writing as a career should visit the site. It is one of the simplest guides that can guide even professional website content writers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to develop writing skills—writing for the web

Many authors have written a number of books on how to develop writing skills. Although writing comes under the acquired skills, there are evidences of genetic influence in some writers. But it will too deep to discuss on such topics now. Our ultimate aim is to develop writing skills for the web. Web content writing or writing for the web, is, in fact, much easier than writing other generic forms.

There are many genres in writing for the web. Some of the most popular forms of writing include general articles that are keyword-optimized, informative articles that focus on a niche especially used in informative websites, marketing articles written for promotional pages of product websites, newsletter writing, writing for press releases, e-book writing content writing for websites, and many more.

If you like to start your career on writing, start with general articles that are very easy to write. Don’t expect to earn big money during your early days of writing for the web. It is a nice idea to start a free blog site and gain some popularity through your informative articles on niche topics.

You can latter get into some real writing that requires researches and analysis. You should continue to write until you gain the confidence of producing error free articles. The next stage involves in forming a unique style for yourself that can impress an average reader. Remember the web visitors come from different backgrounds. Too high a language certainly may get applause from a few but will not serve the purpose. As for as internet is concerned the more traffic your generate out your articles the more efficient writer you are.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Communication Softskills - A book to be reviewed

Today I got a fantastic book on Communication, softskills, and management. I will be posting reviews about the book soon. Written by well experienced lecturer and published by an up coming publication. The books looks great!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An SEO-content writer should be adept both in language and techniques

While anybody with great language skills can be a good article writer, to be a successful web content writer, you need to master many a thing. First thing a web content writer should understand is that the very purpose of Web content writing is to make the website visible when a request is placed for certain keywords. I have seen websites with little value rank higher in search engines because of the seo-content in it. Whereas, great product sites without any articles or seo-content never show up for the keyword searches.

In my two years of content writing career, I have come across many content writers who write for the web. I also have studied websites that rank top for certain keywords. Surprisingly a few websites with poor language had ranked in top positions for keywords, while some of the websites with great content never showed up for the same keywords!

Here certainly the first type of content writing is the most needed one for websites. Imagine you pay a good sum for an attractive content and if nobody reads it? On the contrary the first type although successful isn’t the right way either.

The truth is the first set of websites although well optimized for search engines will certainly not deliver the desired results because the seo-content is only meant for crawlers and search engine robots and not for humans. Whereas, the second set of websites with its truly scholarly content remain hidden and will not serve the purpose as well.

While the content writing for the first set of websites must have been written by an seo-content writer with poor language skills, the extremely well written articles of the second set of websites lacked the seo skills to make the website rank high for search engines.

It is a must that you have to be proficient in the language and in the subject matter in order to be a successful article writer for the web. However, only a good knowledge of the internet and search engines can help article writers to be successful seo-content writers.

How to become a great seo-content writer? What is seo-article writing? And why keyword research is important to make your seo-content writing effective? Soon I will be publishing articles on these seo-content topics.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cheap content writer versus affordable content writer

During my research for keyword analysis, I found many of those in need of articles or website content use the term cheap content writers! Well I do understand they are really on the look out for affordable content writers who can write quality articles. Ironically the phrase cheap content writers gets more attention than affordable content writer.

While cheap content writer in English could mean that the content of the writer is not of high quality. But every content writer who wants to be visible in the internet has to go by the keywords that people search for! In SEO writing the term cheap content writer really works.

Well, how do yo find quality article writers? Indian content writers are categorized among the top writers for the web. While a native English writer can cost you an arm and a leg, Indian content writers provide high quality articles at highly competitive rates. However, some of them who tag themselves as writers are really not professionals.

If you like to hire an Indian content writer, it is wise to ask for samples so that you can check the flow, grammar, and writing skills.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Web content writer versus lecturer

I had earlier mentioned that writing for the web is very different from the English taught in your school or college. In this article I shall give you a few examples of language usage in the internet.

I had been working as a lecturer in English in Nehru Memorial College (Autonomous) one of the most prestigious institutions in Tamil nadu, which is a pioneer that introduced the popular computer science as UG degree course for the first time in India.

When I was a lecturer I used to insist on the so called Queen’s English, whereas, being a freelance content writer I prefer American over the British English. American English servers better when it comes to writing for the web.

One other thing is the use of pronoun. I have always told my students that repeating nouns again and again (excluding the ones used for the purpose of clarity) in writings will result in a form of error called redundancy, which is viewed seriously by some of the orthodox teachers of English. But when it comes to writing for search engine optimization you will have to repeat the keywords in order to attain the required keyword density. If you are new to SEO, a glance at my profile will really astonish you. [However, as a lecturer I would certainly not recommend this type of writing for your term papers. This is only for article writers who write for the web]

Learn the secrets that are the key to make money online by taking advantage of the SEO tips offered at Prosperly.

For more tips on article writing (writing for the web) visit Adaikalaraj-Content writer.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I wish to share some of my experiences

I do have to share a few of my experiences with you. As a content writer I was able to make some money through my writings, however, you will have to face a stiff competition from writers across the globe.

You should remember as a freelance article writer you are not just a professional but also a business person. You will find various types of buyers. Some of them I have come across are great people who respect the hard work you have done. While I have also come across others who bargain to reduce the price of your articles, there are a few cheats that accept your terms but never show up after you deliver you articles.

This is why you need a stable mind to face every kind of people as you start your freelancing career. You can easily lose heart if you deal with people who wish to exploit you. Never mind carry on your business of article writing till you become popular once you attain a super writer status as in info barrel or a platinum status in ezine. You can turn tables!

Here are some tips to earn some more bucks through your writings. I came across few websites that offer free web templates, free hosting services, free banners, free widgets, free articles, and even free SEO services! In fact, internet is a true source of earning a living without investment. All you need to earn through internet is a computer and an internet connection. If you are willing to do some research you can host a website of your own without spending a dime! And what surprised me is that there are various programs that help you earn good sum.

This very site is an example of creating websites without having to spend money. Once you have valuable informative contents in your website you can apply for Google’s adsense program and other various affiliate programs that earns you some good money.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Effective content for brochures

The marketing strategy includes a definition of your business, a description of your products and services, locating your target users or clients, and your company's role in the ongoing competition. Some of the effective marketing materials include Brochures, Pamphlets, PowerPoint Presentation, Internet Ad Banners, Radio Announcements, Television shows, and Articles etc. Brochure is one of the time tested marketing tools, and this article attempts to make it more effective.

Avoid common errors in brochures

Marketing professionals write materials that emphasize the business background and brand rather than the benefits the company offers. This creates a challenge when these materials are given to the sales team as collateral. Brochures should persuade your prospects and inform people that you have something valuable to offer them.
To create marketing materials that sell, you need to incorporate the following in it.
•Define the nature of your product or service and specify all the features that would be of interest to the potential consumer.
•Position your product or service to define clearly how you are different from your competitors.
•Write your marketing content with your target audience in mind. Doing a demographic study of your prospects is always essential.
•Make your collateral easy to understand. It must be friendly uncluttered, persuasive, and involving.

Is it good to be unique?

Being unique is a good thing, but sometimes you can be too unique to be good. If you decide to create a completely new specimen, you may be attempting an experiment that many others had already tried and failed. It is sometimes better to copy successful models than to be original and sick.

Language and style

Identify your potential customers, find out the most effective way to inform your potential customers, Look closely at your target market, their age, sex, profession, income level and educational level. A positive approach always brings in a good catch. A simple language can bring better results; remember it’s for your customers to understand, and it’s not for you to expose your language skills.

Clarity and brevity

As the time taken by the average reader to glance at the cover of a brochure is less than 5 seconds your headline on the cover of your brochure needs to be eye catching. People are too busy to read and appreciate long essays that describe elaborately in a poetic language. Let your content be precise and brief so that it creates an impact at the first glance. As human nature is to be inquisitive a thought provoking content that makes them inquire is also an effective writing style for brochures.


The most important part that makes the brochure an effective marketing tool is the way you present your subject. Balance your text with graphics, use appealing colors that will attract any one. A glossy look will enhance the beauty of your brochure. Remember a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. A sturdy brochure can make multiple impacts. Add aesthetics to your brochure and beautify your effective marketing tool.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Web content writing

All of us are taught English right from the kindergarten. Although writing starts at an early age and continues through out ones life time, not everybody can become a professional writer. Especially writing for the web requires extraordinary skills. You know that people do not literally read the contents in a website, but just scan the pages to find their requirements. This is where the secret of web writer is. A professional content writer is supposed to produce an eye candy type of writing that casts a spell even on the casual visitor. Let me elucidate the secrets of web writings in future articles