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Monday, October 8, 2012

SEO writer on how to retain your clients

One of the major problems faced by seo writers is losing clients. When it comes to hardships faced by freelance seo writers, the list is long! For example, freelance seo writers do not get a regular pay check as that of the content writers employed in firms. When the season is on, freelance seo writers toil 24 hours a day to raise fund for the rainy days. During the off season, most seo writers turn to bidding sites where the competition is high and the pay is very low. The worst nightmare for freelance seo writers is losing clients. Here, I brief some of my own life experiences in my seo writing career.

Soon after I left my regular job and took over freelance seo writing, I had a lot of clients and many of them were my own colleagues that very well knew my standards of writing. I was really surprised to know that so of them were doing business privately which was against the company’s norm. Anyways, I trusted them and started providing seo articles on the given topics. The usual process is as follows: clients find my profile interesting | they ask me about pricing and timing | make the payment | wait for the due date | receive the seo articles. However, since my own friends asked me for the seo writing service, without any hesitation or doubt I wrote for them.

Do you know what the results were? I lost my clients, I lost my friends and the saddest part is that I lost many of my friends for such a trivial amount. Had they asked me for help I would have gladly written the seo articles free of cost. Alas! I thought they were extending their helping hand to a friend who had just started a business. Till today I regret how stupid I was. Losing money doesn’t matter, losing people breaks heart.  

Later on I made it a point to collect the full payment before taking any orders from any of my client. Surprisingly this worked well, I have a good number of clients that pay me in advance and I’ve never lost a client from then on. Some of my friends mock at me, they say I don’t trust them when it comes to payments, I don’t bother! I am happy that they still hang around with me. If you are an seo writer with similar experience, it’s high time to change your mind. Do not let money cut your friendship or scare away your clients. Unless you are strict in financial matters, you not only lose your money but also lose people. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Freelance seo writers face drought

In the recent past, I have been getting a lot of enquires! Surprisingly, they were not for seo writing from clients, but from several seo writers across the world. Our seo writing firm too has been finding it difficult to get projects for quite some time. I see a great amount of decline in article orders.

I have been researching the web businesses to find out the reason behind the dry period in content writing. After a thoughtful research I have found a quite a few reasons that have created the current situation in the seo writing arena.

Of the several reasons that have made the life of freelance seo writers miserable, I list out a few that has had negative impact on the ESL seo writers. Indian seo writers were the most preferred ones for their mastery over the language whether it is British or American. However, as you are aware today’s seo writing is focused only for search engines and stuffed with keywords and not for the human readers.

The second tier seo writers from other developing countries have captured the market with their lowly English and charges. It is unfortunate that writers with reasonably good English, who charge reasonable sums, are now looked as costly ones. 

The rumor “content is not the king of web any more”, spread by a few webmasters that promote link farms have really gained momentum. Now online businesses are more interested in getting links from other sites that doesn’t even have an article relevant to their products. 

Link building must be done wisely and the content should focus human readers. Perfect keyword density and readable articles are the way build a stable web business. If you are one who wants to build a strong base for your web business, it’s time to change your attitude and get back to the quality contents for your websites.
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