Sunday, March 10, 2013

If content is king what is queen?

As an seo writer, I come across this question very often. Well, let me explain it in a simple manner. Have you ever played the game of chess? If yes you can easily understand the role of content in your websites and blogs. Content is undeniably the king! But for well written content, your website is dead. It is essential to develop the textual content in such a manner that it describes what your website is all about in a crisp manner. Well, you thing you can do it better than an seo writer who may be completely new to your subject, theme, or your product.

True, none other than you understands what your website is all about. However, the web functions on a set of principles which is better understood by the seo writer than anyone else! While it is important to tell your visitors what you do, it is also very important to make your website visible to the visitors. This can only be achieved by an seo writer.  

Content is called the king not only because of its ability to make it clear to the visitors but also due its capability of making the website visible for keyword searches. While content gives life to the website, it is the backlinks that give authority to the website.

This is why often backlinks are termed as the queen of the web. Similar to the chess game, you need a lively king and a powerful queen to be successful in your online ventures. Link building is yet another mammoth task that requires patience. If you are one that wishes to make your online businesses prosper then the right way to do it is hiring seo writer to write the content and articles. In the same way seo experts will be able to deliver you quality backlinks that will escalate the image of your website in the sight of search engines.

You on the other hand can focus on your core business will the business leads are generated without having to opt for paid ad services. The benefit of organic seo is that your website will continue to remain on top positions even if there is a slowdown, while it can disappear if you stop paid ad services in case you opted for it! Make a wise decision and grow your online business

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