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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Email marketing the best marketing tool for small businesses

While advertisements are the easiest means to promote your business, you should be wise in selecting the effective marketing tools lest you will burn your fingers especially during a recession period like this.

Email marketing is a fast growing effective and cheap method of advertising small businesses. All you have to do is collect the email ids of people interested in your products or services and send them a wisely drafted newsletter highlighting your specialties and offers.

The three important points to note while drafting your newsletter are the subject line, heading and the salutation.

Subject line is the most important of all the three. First thing you have to note is that your mail should not end up in the spam folder. Do keep it simple yet attractive. Never add the words ‘free or offers’ in the subject line. Save, Earn, and Gain are the words that attract the immediate attention of the readers during the meltdown period.

As far as the heading of your letter is concerned make it short while stating your offers and discounts in an attractive manner. The catchy lines of your newsletter heading should create the interest to read the letter word by word.

While you should keep the letter short state all your business details in crispy language with out boring the reader. Else your subsequent letters are sure to land in the trash with being opened at all.

Finally, salutation, the closing lines of your newsletter should end with grace. Do remember to add your signature to the email and make it personal. Adding your address telephone number or cell number to the newsletter will create a trust that is good for the growth of you business.

It is worth to spend a few dollars to hire a professional content writer who is well experienced in writing for the web. For more details like automated email responder newsletter templates and writing services contact me.