Monday, February 6, 2012

SEO writer on Google’s Kolaveri

Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri Google?  For those residing out of TN I should explain what this Kolaveri is! Why this Kolaveri, kolaveri di… is song from a contemporary movie. Wondering what’s the meaning of Kolaveri? The meaning of Kolaveri is ‘passion for killing’. This Kolaveri is now a popular phrase that is being used to criticize offence committed by responsible people or organizations.

First of all it is every blogger’s duty to thank Google for offering such as benevolent blogging platform free of cost. In fact, I have a number of blogspot blogs, which have earned me quite an amount of money in the past few years. Nope I haven’t got a penny from Google! Google only provided me with an opportunity to blog free of cost. It was my hard work that put my blog top among search engine results. It was my posts that gained me readers from all over the world. It was my hard work and ceaseless efforts that gained me clients.  

May be I am an seo writer, who knows the ins and outs of how to make my blog rank high with seo tools. But consider the time involved in making it possible. Not only did I write several interesting and informative blog posts but also had to involve myself in building links. Yes, hard work paid me. I was very happy to see my blog come up for several keyword searches. I was extremely happy when the trustworthiness of my site grew steadily.

One fine morning, seo writer wakes up only to see the blog change into .in extension from its usual .com. I was surprised, yes when I opened my Gmail, there pop out a page showing terms and conditions which I had to agree if I had to further use the free mail. To be honest, I know even if I read the terms, I will have to accept it to save my blog. I just click on the agree button and lost the worth of my blog. Why this kolaveri, kolaveri, Google?

It is true that we bloggers agree to terms and conditions of blogger. However, is it fair to simply ignore the all of the hard work we did to bring up our blogs in the search engine? My blog’s PR is gone for the 3rd time! Now it shows page unranked. Will I ever get my page rank back is a big question mark! It’s all right to assign this .in extension to the forth coming blogs, but why change the entire existing setup? This Kolaveri of Google has put many blogspot bloggers into confusion. Again I ask you why this kolaveri, kolaveri Google?