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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips from SEO writer

A quick glance at the seo essentials can come handy if you are on the lookout for ways to increase search engine traffic to your website.

Keyword research is very important to identify potential keywords and phrases that could push your website to top positions during search queries. Use long tail keywords since most webmaster are after crisp keywords. You are likely to rank easily for long tail keywords, which could generate good traffic to your website. Optimize the content of your website with relevant keywords.

There is yet another technique called misspelled keywords, for example the keyword seo writer can be misspelled as soe writer, or seo wirter during a quick search by the customer. When they land up in your site there are chances that you could win the deal. However, when it comes to offering professional services this is considered unprofessional. In case yours is a product site people don’t mind purchasing your products.  

Page titles also go a long way in increasing the traffic. Write well thought out page titles and include as many keywords as possible. Keep the title appropriate, simple and attention grabbing. It is also helpful to set up a blog and incorporate it in your website. By continuously blogging you can greatly increase the user base. If you make keyword rich posts then it would increase the chances of your website being shown on the top most results. Once you have started blogging it is important that you comment on various other blogs to increase traffic. Keep in mind not to post spam on other people's blog. Post relevant comments and include the link to your website.

Link building is very necessary for the survival of any website. You can search for various other websites of the same field and ask them to put your link on their website and vice versa. It should be kept in mind that only websites which are related to your field should be contacted otherwise you would lose credibility in the eyes of the viewer. For example, if you have a small online store selling electronic goods what’s the use of linking your business to an online bakery.

Again this is one other technique in obtaining traffic. If the host website has a huge amount of traffic and there certainly will be a percentage of visitors who would like to check your electronic store while shopping around. When it comes to obtaining traffic to your website only sky is the limit, leave no stone unturned to increase your online business.