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Friday, March 20, 2009

What is off page seo?

Earlier I had mentioned about the two parts of successful seo. While the first article is about onpage seo, this article will provide you some useful details on off page seo. To put it in a nut shell off page seo is nothing but link building.

Although it sounds so easy, in reality it is a tedious job. While building backlinks for your website, you need to understand that the links are viewed as votes for your blog by the search engines. The truth is not all links have the same value. A link from PR5 web page is has more value than a link from PR0. At the same time if a link is obtained from PR5 web pages that are not relevant holds no value.

This is why relevancy is very important when it comes to link building or off page seo. There are a number of strategies for link building. I shall discus each one of them in detail. Do visit the site often to learn more about off page search engine optimization.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Advantages of onpage optimization

Are you looking for SEO advice? Online search engine optimization or onpage seo is the first step in search engine optimization. When it comes to onpage seo, keywords and phrases play an important role in driving targeted traffic to your website. There are many websites the really don’t have any of external links that point toward it, yet these websites attract a good amount of free targeted traffic without spending a dime on link building.

The reason is that they are well optimized for real time searches. There are a number of free search engine optimization tools available in the internet. These free search engine optimization tools help you identify the relevant keywords and phrases that bring in free targeted traffic. Advantages of onpage optimizations are many, however to benefit from onpage seo, you need to understand the algorithmic patterns and seo rules set by major search engines.

When it comes to onpage seo, truly content is king! Words and phrases do play a major role. Onpage seo starts even as you purchase your domain. Make sure that your domain name reflects the niche and includes important keyword that will bring in traffic to your website. All other sections of the web page, such as title, heading, meta tags, urls, alt image tags, labels, etc should be optimized with relevant keywords. All these things work together for the good of your website.