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Monday, October 8, 2012

Seo writer on web page content

There is a saying that textual content is king in the web world. True well optimized textual content can work wonders when it comes to being found in the internet or ranking high for search results. However, when it comes to online business, textual content plays only a part in conversion. Are you surprised to hear such a statement from an seo writer?

Well here are a few facts that will enlighten you on what the role of seo content is and how you could enhance your online business with other web page contents. Seo writers play a major role in optimizing the textual content of your website. When it comes to free targeted traffic, search engines are the major source. Using the right keywords to optimize the textual content of the webpage is way to go. 

It is true that a well optimized website would certainly beat its competitors when a keyword search is done. Apart from ranking high in search engines, keyword optimized textual content can drive large amounts of traffic. However, not all websites with heavy traffic are good at making a business happen.

The technique of making a business happen lies in the way the textual content of the website presents the product or service offered. Textual content alone cannot make the needed impact; it has to be supplemented with graphics, videos and audio files that can explain the products and services in a convincing manner.
Website design and navigation are very important when it comes to conversion. An seo writer’s job is similar to one bringing a horse to the water spot. However expecting an article to make a sale is like compelling the horse to drink. 

'Compelling content' is the common phrase used by website owners when they approach seo writers. As a content writer with years of experience in seo writing I suggest that you make your website interesting with graphics and videos can do more good that just switching over from one seo writer to another. I hope these inputs would help you not only to generate traffic from search engines but also result in good conversion rates. Consistency in textual content can only be obtained if you use the same seo writer for all your textual content needs.