Friday, February 27, 2009

How to become an on line web content writer?

Being a professional content writer, I often encounter one redundant question “How to become an online web content writer?”

My suggestions to become an online web content writer are as follows:
(Note: this is for people who are good at English)

Learn to research on topics
Research is a vital part. To become an online web content writer, you should develop your ability to write on almost every topic.

Learn SEO
A little knowledge about search engine optimization will help you to become a successful online web content writer.

Gain popularity
There are a number of websites that publish articles for free. At the early stages do not look for big money. Include you name and photo and publish your articles.

Create your own website
Owning a website gives you lot more opportunity and exposure. It is easy to start a blog site with either blogger or wordpress.

Check bidding sites and forums
Frequently visit bidding websites and forums and quote the lowest price at the beginning until you get some great feed back.

Need to know more ways to earn online as a web content writer? Ask me

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pick the best content writer—Contest

All writers are equal while some are more equal!

Wondering what’s it all about? I am to reveal a great sensible truth about content writers in this article. Let me tell you if some one is bold enough to offer article writing services then you must understand that the person has some stuff and can express himself in the angle he views the matter.

I elucidate this with a simple example. I had been interviewing candidates for web content writing in my company. There were six people competing for 3 content writer vacancies. They were all fresh candidates eager to pursue their career as content writers. In the first round of tests, I gave them a topic and asked them state their views in two sentences.

This was the out come for the topic ‘Food’.

• To prepare food, you need to add required ingredients in proper proportion and heat it until it is cooked.

• Food provides us with the necessary energy for us to live and work. It is important to have well balanced food to live a healthy life.

• Foods are of two types. One is the vegetarian diet and the other one is the non-vegetarian diet. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

• Food is the god of the world. Every toil and effort made by us is to obtain this precious thing. There is no life without food.

• Food is the fuel of living beings. It is like gas for vehicles, every thing comes to a halt with out sufficient food.

• Food is the panacea for the human kind if taken appropriately. However, when we exceed limits food can turn into a poison.

Tell me now, which is right and which is wrong? In my view all of them are right. A similar situation exists when it comes to choosing a content writer for your web needs! How would you pick one? Post your answers as comments I’ll let you know how to choose one among the various writers.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Email marketing the best marketing tool for small businesses

While advertisements are the easiest means to promote your business, you should be wise in selecting the effective marketing tools lest you will burn your fingers especially during a recession period like this.

Email marketing is a fast growing effective and cheap method of advertising small businesses. All you have to do is collect the email ids of people interested in your products or services and send them a wisely drafted newsletter highlighting your specialties and offers.

The three important points to note while drafting your newsletter are the subject line, heading and the salutation.

Subject line is the most important of all the three. First thing you have to note is that your mail should not end up in the spam folder. Do keep it simple yet attractive. Never add the words ‘free or offers’ in the subject line. Save, Earn, and Gain are the words that attract the immediate attention of the readers during the meltdown period.

As far as the heading of your letter is concerned make it short while stating your offers and discounts in an attractive manner. The catchy lines of your newsletter heading should create the interest to read the letter word by word.

While you should keep the letter short state all your business details in crispy language with out boring the reader. Else your subsequent letters are sure to land in the trash with being opened at all.

Finally, salutation, the closing lines of your newsletter should end with grace. Do remember to add your signature to the email and make it personal. Adding your address telephone number or cell number to the newsletter will create a trust that is good for the growth of you business.

It is worth to spend a few dollars to hire a professional content writer who is well experienced in writing for the web. For more details like automated email responder newsletter templates and writing services contact me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Content Writing & Content Writers

Had you been reading my articles about content writing here you certainly by now should have some knowledge on writing for the web. I just wanted to share with you the wonderful web content on writing. Check it your self here Content Writing & Content Writers Any one is willing to pursue content writing as a career should visit the site. It is one of the simplest guides that can guide even professional website content writers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to develop writing skills—writing for the web

Many authors have written a number of books on how to develop writing skills. Although writing comes under the acquired skills, there are evidences of genetic influence in some writers. But it will too deep to discuss on such topics now. Our ultimate aim is to develop writing skills for the web. Web content writing or writing for the web, is, in fact, much easier than writing other generic forms.

There are many genres in writing for the web. Some of the most popular forms of writing include general articles that are keyword-optimized, informative articles that focus on a niche especially used in informative websites, marketing articles written for promotional pages of product websites, newsletter writing, writing for press releases, e-book writing content writing for websites, and many more.

If you like to start your career on writing, start with general articles that are very easy to write. Don’t expect to earn big money during your early days of writing for the web. It is a nice idea to start a free blog site and gain some popularity through your informative articles on niche topics.

You can latter get into some real writing that requires researches and analysis. You should continue to write until you gain the confidence of producing error free articles. The next stage involves in forming a unique style for yourself that can impress an average reader. Remember the web visitors come from different backgrounds. Too high a language certainly may get applause from a few but will not serve the purpose. As for as internet is concerned the more traffic your generate out your articles the more efficient writer you are.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Communication Softskills - A book to be reviewed

Today I got a fantastic book on Communication, softskills, and management. I will be posting reviews about the book soon. Written by well experienced lecturer and published by an up coming publication. The books looks great!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

An SEO-content writer should be adept both in language and techniques

While anybody with great language skills can be a good article writer, to be a successful web content writer, you need to master many a thing. First thing a web content writer should understand is that the very purpose of Web content writing is to make the website visible when a request is placed for certain keywords. I have seen websites with little value rank higher in search engines because of the seo-content in it. Whereas, great product sites without any articles or seo-content never show up for the keyword searches.

In my two years of content writing career, I have come across many content writers who write for the web. I also have studied websites that rank top for certain keywords. Surprisingly a few websites with poor language had ranked in top positions for keywords, while some of the websites with great content never showed up for the same keywords!

Here certainly the first type of content writing is the most needed one for websites. Imagine you pay a good sum for an attractive content and if nobody reads it? On the contrary the first type although successful isn’t the right way either.

The truth is the first set of websites although well optimized for search engines will certainly not deliver the desired results because the seo-content is only meant for crawlers and search engine robots and not for humans. Whereas, the second set of websites with its truly scholarly content remain hidden and will not serve the purpose as well.

While the content writing for the first set of websites must have been written by an seo-content writer with poor language skills, the extremely well written articles of the second set of websites lacked the seo skills to make the website rank high for search engines.

It is a must that you have to be proficient in the language and in the subject matter in order to be a successful article writer for the web. However, only a good knowledge of the internet and search engines can help article writers to be successful seo-content writers.

How to become a great seo-content writer? What is seo-article writing? And why keyword research is important to make your seo-content writing effective? Soon I will be publishing articles on these seo-content topics.