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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Difference between an seo writer and a copywriter

In the world of internet marketing many do not understand the difference between an seo writer and a copywriter. While both seo writer and copywriter work toward the same goal and on the same platform their methodology of work differs greatly. Not only the is their methodology different but the results are also different. 

To be precise seo writer churns out content which is optimized for search engines. The key to seo writing revolves round the effective selection and usage of keywords. An seo writer should be adept in seo tools such as the keyword researcher to find out the keyword popularity and keyword competition. Although the job looks simple on the outset, it is this is the cornerstone upon which the entire web-based business will be built on.
Keywords not only place your web page on top for search queries but also can be used to get the complete link juice by using them as anchor text for inbound links. For example the anchor text laundry bag is a very effective keyword if your website is concerned with sale of laundry bags. In case you like to promote your personal website using your name as the anchor text is the right way to obtain links. At times it would be wise to use name of brands, such as stephen joseph, a well known brand name among quilted-backpacks, to obtain inbound links could be the best way to promote your product in the internet. This is what the seo writer is concerned all about.

On the contrary the copywriter would focus on a persuasive text to make the visitor perform an action on the web page. Take for example if an online visitor reached your website for the keyword search Dallas landscaping, then the content on the landing page needs to convince the visitor either to purchase the products or services offered or at least make them subscribe to the newsletter so that business could happen in the future some time. 

To put it in a nut shell the job of the seo writer is to bring visitors to your website while it is the duty of the copywriter to convince the visitor to perform the required action. This is why website content writers charge quite a huge amount when compared with seo writers.