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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seo writer on website navigation

I have been writing seo articles for quite a long time. I have literally seen the evolution of websites from the simple static to the latest dynamic ones. Being an employee of a reputed web development company and a popular seo writer, I had to keep myself informed about the latest information available on seo and internet marketing. Most of the time of an seo writer is spent on reading how to strategically improve ranking of the website in search engines and how to create the necessary impact on the readers mind to perform and action in the web page.

It's true most of you would have also come across these points for example, white space in web page, graphics, links placement, colors of the web page, and the like. I shall discuss those matters in upcoming posts. Easy navigation makes a website more powerful when it comes to making the business happen. While professional designers make it right, novices often focus on the appearance of the website. Indeed, I am not slighting the importance of good looks of a web page but I am try to point out the nuances involved in making a website a true business tool.

As a website owner it is your duty to instruct the designer to follow the best performing designs. Make it a point that any visitor should reach all of the important pages of the website within a click or two. May be you have great stuff in your web pages, but remember visitors do not have the time or patience to read all of it or follow your instructions. This is why gallery, shopping cart and payment gateways of the website should be no farther than just a click away. Combining these techniques along with seo articles is the right way to bring in visitors and make them perform an action in the webpage.