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Friday, January 23, 2009

Effective content for brochures

The marketing strategy includes a definition of your business, a description of your products and services, locating your target users or clients, and your company's role in the ongoing competition. Some of the effective marketing materials include Brochures, Pamphlets, PowerPoint Presentation, Internet Ad Banners, Radio Announcements, Television shows, and Articles etc. Brochure is one of the time tested marketing tools, and this article attempts to make it more effective.

Avoid common errors in brochures

Marketing professionals write materials that emphasize the business background and brand rather than the benefits the company offers. This creates a challenge when these materials are given to the sales team as collateral. Brochures should persuade your prospects and inform people that you have something valuable to offer them.
To create marketing materials that sell, you need to incorporate the following in it.
•Define the nature of your product or service and specify all the features that would be of interest to the potential consumer.
•Position your product or service to define clearly how you are different from your competitors.
•Write your marketing content with your target audience in mind. Doing a demographic study of your prospects is always essential.
•Make your collateral easy to understand. It must be friendly uncluttered, persuasive, and involving.

Is it good to be unique?

Being unique is a good thing, but sometimes you can be too unique to be good. If you decide to create a completely new specimen, you may be attempting an experiment that many others had already tried and failed. It is sometimes better to copy successful models than to be original and sick.

Language and style

Identify your potential customers, find out the most effective way to inform your potential customers, Look closely at your target market, their age, sex, profession, income level and educational level. A positive approach always brings in a good catch. A simple language can bring better results; remember it’s for your customers to understand, and it’s not for you to expose your language skills.

Clarity and brevity

As the time taken by the average reader to glance at the cover of a brochure is less than 5 seconds your headline on the cover of your brochure needs to be eye catching. People are too busy to read and appreciate long essays that describe elaborately in a poetic language. Let your content be precise and brief so that it creates an impact at the first glance. As human nature is to be inquisitive a thought provoking content that makes them inquire is also an effective writing style for brochures.


The most important part that makes the brochure an effective marketing tool is the way you present your subject. Balance your text with graphics, use appealing colors that will attract any one. A glossy look will enhance the beauty of your brochure. Remember a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. A sturdy brochure can make multiple impacts. Add aesthetics to your brochure and beautify your effective marketing tool.