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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to develop writing skills—writing for the web

Many authors have written a number of books on how to develop writing skills. Although writing comes under the acquired skills, there are evidences of genetic influence in some writers. But it will too deep to discuss on such topics now. Our ultimate aim is to develop writing skills for the web. Web content writing or writing for the web, is, in fact, much easier than writing other generic forms.

There are many genres in writing for the web. Some of the most popular forms of writing include general articles that are keyword-optimized, informative articles that focus on a niche especially used in informative websites, marketing articles written for promotional pages of product websites, newsletter writing, writing for press releases, e-book writing content writing for websites, and many more.

If you like to start your career on writing, start with general articles that are very easy to write. Don’t expect to earn big money during your early days of writing for the web. It is a nice idea to start a free blog site and gain some popularity through your informative articles on niche topics.

You can latter get into some real writing that requires researches and analysis. You should continue to write until you gain the confidence of producing error free articles. The next stage involves in forming a unique style for yourself that can impress an average reader. Remember the web visitors come from different backgrounds. Too high a language certainly may get applause from a few but will not serve the purpose. As for as internet is concerned the more traffic your generate out your articles the more efficient writer you are.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Web content writer versus lecturer

I had earlier mentioned that writing for the web is very different from the English taught in your school or college. In this article I shall give you a few examples of language usage in the internet.

I had been working as a lecturer in English in Nehru Memorial College (Autonomous) one of the most prestigious institutions in Tamil nadu, which is a pioneer that introduced the popular computer science as UG degree course for the first time in India.

When I was a lecturer I used to insist on the so called Queen’s English, whereas, being a freelance content writer I prefer American over the British English. American English servers better when it comes to writing for the web.

One other thing is the use of pronoun. I have always told my students that repeating nouns again and again (excluding the ones used for the purpose of clarity) in writings will result in a form of error called redundancy, which is viewed seriously by some of the orthodox teachers of English. But when it comes to writing for search engine optimization you will have to repeat the keywords in order to attain the required keyword density. If you are new to SEO, a glance at my profile will really astonish you. [However, as a lecturer I would certainly not recommend this type of writing for your term papers. This is only for article writers who write for the web]

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Saturday, October 4, 2008


There are hundreds of content writers out there waiting to be hired by you. However, not all writers are professional. Here I provide you with a touchstone method to grade the contents written by content writers that offer you their service. For your convenience I start it from the scratch.

· Where to look for content writers in the Internet?
· How to choose the best and the cheapest one in biddings?
· Checking for originality
· Characteristics of a good content writer

Where to look for content writers in the Internet?

Internet has always proved to be the best place to find any kind of talent. You can use the search engines to find out professional writers who will have a blog or a website to serve the clients. One other place to look for good content writers is the forum. Advantages of selecting writers through forums are many. You will have reviews posted by many of their clients, which will be helpful for you to judge the writer. There are also websites that serve as a meeting point for writing service providers and buyers, where you can find affordable content through biddings.

How to choose the best and the cheapest one in biddings?

Once you have posted your offer through bidding services, you will find a number of content writers competing for the job with different quotes. As you will find a number of writers offering their writing services at different rate, you may find it difficult to choose the writer best fit for your purpose. Here’s where you got to be choosy. Do not always go for the lowest bid because you may end up hiring an amateur. However, those with the highest bid need not either be a professional. This is where you need my touchstone method of selecting content writers. First, choose writers by judging their attitude that is revealed in the sentences posted for the bidding, and not by rates quoted. Talented writers confident in their writings always quote in the mid range in biddings.

Checking for originality

This is a simple test that should be performed as soon as you receive the sample written work. Just copy a line or two from the article and paste it in google search with in double quotes. As you click the enter key if the article is a copied one you will find the search revealing those lines exactly as they are in bold. There are also other services that help you in finding any plagiarism, however, you will have to buy their service for a small price.

Characteristics of a good content [writer]

You must understand that word is life in the Internet. Once you get the samples from the writers you have selected analyze the writing thoroughly. See if the writer is able to revolve round the given theme. Check for the continuous thread that flows through out the article. See if there is consistency in writing style through out the article. Check if the article has adequate information (well researched) on the topic. Check how the keywords and phrases have been used in the content. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. After all writing for the web is very different from writing for other purposes. However, the article should also have the characteristics of uniqueness, clarity, brevity, and accuracy.

Choosing a good content writer

1. How to select a content writer?
2. Checking originality of the content
3. What is an article spinning software?
4. What is plagiarism ?
5. Selection of topics

Answers to be published soon
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