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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New seo article writing trends and pricing

The ever changing internet has already had its impact on several aspects of online promotion. Seo article writing isn't the same as it used to be. Especially after the Google's revision of its search engine algorithms, quality of the content is being given more importance than the quantity as it earlier used to be.

This development in the internet has made several ESL writers jobless. Seo article buyers have realized how important it is to have quality articles and back links to their websites.

We too have changed our strategy from offering cheap seo articles to that of high quality ones. Writing quality articles isn't an easy task. It involves in hours of research for authentic information and that is one of the reasons why quality articles are often priced high.

Our new pricing for high quality seo articles will be $2 per 100 words. We challenge that no one else could offer quality seo article writing services at this price.

If are still looking out for the $5 article, we still have some of our good ESL writers who can do the job for you. Contact us now for all your seo article writing requirements