Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Difference between $5 article and $50 article

Had you been searching for content writers in the internet, you would have come across a variety of them. While some offer a five hundred word article for $2, a few would demand $200 for the same article. This vast difference often makes buyers wonder what really the standard pricing for content writing is. Well there are no fixed standards when it comes to pricing of content writing. However, there are certain factors that determine the pricing of your web content.

  •          Experience and skill of the content writer
  •          Quality of the content
  •          Geographical location of the content writer
  •          Demand and supply
  •          Urgency of your need

 Experience and skill do matter when it comes to content writing. An experience writer would have come across a variety of topics and would have in-depth knowledge in a variety of topics. Or at least will know how to research to get accurate factual details. Newbie writers on the other hand would have to struggle before they find out authentic information on topics. There will also be difference in flow of article and in the way facts are presented.

Quality is a relative term when it comes to writing for the web. A writer who writes for Washington post may be good at presenting facts. A few characteristics of quality content include gorgeous language, perfect grammar, punctuation, persuasive text, and the like. In this case paying $200 per article is worth. However, if the purpose of your articles is for submissions to article directories and blogs, it is certainly extravagance. Well written, interesting and informative articles acceptable by article directories should not cost you more than $25. If you are planning to cut cost, then offshore service providers can deliver similar quality articles at $5/article.

If you are wondering why writers accept such low rates, you need to understand that geographical location of the content writer has a major role in costing. A writer from India can easily write quality articles at $5 and still have quality life. However, a writer from England will never even think of such rates and the least viable pricing would at least $25 for a British or an American.

Content writing is also somewhat seasonal. For example, during Christmas or Easter, the companies would try to boost their sales and thus would rush in looking for content writers. And the recent recession, for example, when the investments were low, writers had to lookout for clients. When the write approaches a client, the client can decide on the pricing, on the other hand when the client approaches a writer, it is the write who determines the price.

Urgency of your requirement has an impact on the pricing. Writing is a creative job and often need necessary time to research and be creative. However, if you need your content within a short span, writers certainly can do that but the stress involved in continuous and long working hours should certainly be compensated.
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