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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seo writers postpone price hike until mid Jan 2011

There are hundreds of seo writers available to provide you with unique seo articles for various purposes. It is not so difficult to find good seo writers however; the problem is about finding a good one that is affordable. Writing seo articles certainly requires good knowledge on various domains. Seo writers can perfect the art only with experience.

With years of experience seo writers often look for a good pay as they would have acquired a large number of clients. Naturally seo writers give priority to old clients that are willing to increase the pay according to current trends in the market and new clients often are ready to pay a sum demanded by expert seo writer. 

We here have never hiked the charges for the past two years. We at content writer-seo, still work of the age old pay of $1/100 words for most of our clients while our competitors charge $5/100 words for a similar job. 
 We have now planned to increase the price of articles in the forth coming months.  To provide an opportunity to new clients to get seo articles at the old price we have postponed the price hike until mid January 2011.

We are happy to announce our unanimous decision as a Christmas & New Year bonanza for website owners and web masters who need seo article writers' services. Utilize this opportune moment and join our long list of elite clients to grow you online businesses with the least of expenses. Hurry the offer ends soon. Clients availing this offer will continue to enjoy this fixed price for the whole of 2011 irrespective of the amount of orders placed with us.

 Contact us immediately for further details