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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google PR dips again!

At content writer seo, we are generous enough to approve all of the comments that are posted in our blog. We are well aware of the consequences of approving certain comments that have links to dubious websites.  This time we have again faced the wrath of Google we lost our PR once again! Nevertheless we are very happy to see our traffic grow immensely. 

It is true that as a blog of seo writer any one visiting the blog would expect it to have a high google PR. Although we, seo writers, regret the Google PR loss, we are pleased to bring you the message that our generosity has only brought us loyal friends. We are happy to pay the price for our friendship.

So far Google gave us a chance to boast about our services by awarding high PR! To be a bit clear, our unique content in the blog gave us the much needed impetus to reach top positions for keyword searches as well as the page rank to our blog. If you are a webmaster or an expert in web development field, you would realize how unique content can do wonders. Just to prove this we did not do any seo promotions such as link building to this blog. The entire power of driving the website to top positions was derived from its unique and keyword rich content. You will literally find a very few back links to this blog.

Here’s yet another message for the visitors. The unexpected dip in Google PR hasn’t had any negative impact on our business. In fact our blog has reached right clientele ensuring a healthy growth in our seo writing services. Many of our patrons have indeed acknowledged the power of unique and keyword rich content.   

If you are looking forward to a get targeted traffic via google, we have the expertise to make your dreams come true. Wait no more! Contact us now for unique and keyword rich textual contents for your web needs.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Google PR versus Search Engine Ranking

Of late, many websites have seen a drop in the Google PR. This has resulted in slowdown of the internet market in general. It is true that Google PR plays an important role in evaluating the website. However, you should realize that Google PR isn’t the only criteria that search engines use to rank you website.

Webmasters have always aimed at an increase in the green bar and have always worked toward raising it a bit more every month. Now with irregular PR updates Google itself seems to have sidelined it. Google PR had been the hottest topic of debate among the orthodox SEO experts and the revolutionary sales promoters in the recent past. Whatever the result be one thing is clear; if you do not adapt yourself to the changing trends in the internet, you are likely to experience a drop in your sales.

Website owners and webmasters often forget that the goal of launching a website is to increase business and not just increasing PR. It is certainly not a bad idea to link to authentic websites that can drive the desired traffic to your website and increase sales. Yet another obvious way to get high traffic is through article marketing. Well written articles are the sure-fire way to get unlimited free targeted traffic to your website.

There was a time when free websites were looked down up on. Now, in fact, free blog sites are the ones that rank for almost every keyword and many prestigious websites look at these blog sites to drive traffic to them. Just decide if you need an increase in the green bar or your bank account! If the latter is your choice, then act now and find the best way to drive traffic to your site and boost your sales. It’s time to think out of the box and keep your lucrative online business going.