Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seo writers postpone price hike until mid Jan 2011

There are hundreds of seo writers available to provide you with unique seo articles for various purposes. It is not so difficult to find good seo writers however; the problem is about finding a good one that is affordable. Writing seo articles certainly requires good knowledge on various domains. Seo writers can perfect the art only with experience.

With years of experience seo writers often look for a good pay as they would have acquired a large number of clients. Naturally seo writers give priority to old clients that are willing to increase the pay according to current trends in the market and new clients often are ready to pay a sum demanded by expert seo writer. 

We here have never hiked the charges for the past two years. We at content writer-seo, still work of the age old pay of $1/100 words for most of our clients while our competitors charge $5/100 words for a similar job. 
 We have now planned to increase the price of articles in the forth coming months.  To provide an opportunity to new clients to get seo articles at the old price we have postponed the price hike until mid January 2011.

We are happy to announce our unanimous decision as a Christmas & New Year bonanza for website owners and web masters who need seo article writers' services. Utilize this opportune moment and join our long list of elite clients to grow you online businesses with the least of expenses. Hurry the offer ends soon. Clients availing this offer will continue to enjoy this fixed price for the whole of 2011 irrespective of the amount of orders placed with us.

 Contact us immediately for further details

Friday, December 3, 2010

Need of seo writer for article submissions

It is a well known fact that article submissions are great way to build quality backlinks. Anchor text links based on relevant keywords will provide you with the full benefit of seo. However, most website owners are scared of the cost involved in writing unique articles for submission. This is where article spinners and rewriting software made their way in to the market.

Did you know articles written by article spinners and rewriting tools are far more inferior to even to the articles produced by the worst seo writer? Many software firms have tried their hand on language related products such as grammar correction tool, article rewriting tool and the like but none of them have come out with a successful tool. They are yet to find a perfect solution for the writing needs. 

If you are aware of the fact you would not simply waste your money in investing in article writing tools. It is wise to hire cheap seo writers to draft seo articles for your purposes. You need not create posts that are equivalent to Washington Post or the Oxford journals. All you need is a human readable, search engine friendly articles that could be useful in building backlinks as well as draw targeted traffic. 

If you are in need of seo writers that can work for you at cheap rates do contact us, we offer seo writing services at an all time low rate of $1/100 words. Avail the help of seo experts and get the true value for your money. We help you grow your business at affordable costs. Next time you think of articles remember we are there to help you out. 

Although the above mentioned price for seo articles is for bulk orders we would gladly consider it for small orders, if you can place continuous article orders and wish to have a long term relationship with us.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tips from SEO writer

A quick glance at the seo essentials can come handy if you are on the lookout for ways to increase search engine traffic to your website.

Keyword research is very important to identify potential keywords and phrases that could push your website to top positions during search queries. Use long tail keywords since most webmaster are after crisp keywords. You are likely to rank easily for long tail keywords, which could generate good traffic to your website. Optimize the content of your website with relevant keywords.

There is yet another technique called misspelled keywords, for example the keyword seo writer can be misspelled as soe writer, or seo wirter during a quick search by the customer. When they land up in your site there are chances that you could win the deal. However, when it comes to offering professional services this is considered unprofessional. In case yours is a product site people don’t mind purchasing your products.  

Page titles also go a long way in increasing the traffic. Write well thought out page titles and include as many keywords as possible. Keep the title appropriate, simple and attention grabbing. It is also helpful to set up a blog and incorporate it in your website. By continuously blogging you can greatly increase the user base. If you make keyword rich posts then it would increase the chances of your website being shown on the top most results. Once you have started blogging it is important that you comment on various other blogs to increase traffic. Keep in mind not to post spam on other people's blog. Post relevant comments and include the link to your website.

Link building is very necessary for the survival of any website. You can search for various other websites of the same field and ask them to put your link on their website and vice versa. It should be kept in mind that only websites which are related to your field should be contacted otherwise you would lose credibility in the eyes of the viewer. For example, if you have a small online store selling electronic goods what’s the use of linking your business to an online bakery.

Again this is one other technique in obtaining traffic. If the host website has a huge amount of traffic and there certainly will be a percentage of visitors who would like to check your electronic store while shopping around. When it comes to obtaining traffic to your website only sky is the limit, leave no stone unturned to increase your online business.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trade shows tips from seo writer

So far at seo writer we have been discussing ways to promote you business online. This blog post will shed light in innovative ways of giving the required impetus for business promotions during a trade show. After all, the final goal is to achieve good number of customers and growth in business and income.

Trade shows are a great means of attracting potential customers to your business. Hundreds of thousands of people visit trade shows and having a stall in at a trade show not only generates income through the sales at the stall but provides an opportunity to acquire long term business opportunities and new clients from new destinations. It is important that you plan and prepare for the trade show well ahead to get the maximum benefit from it.

Some of the innovative ideas to promote your business at trade shows include using well-designed logo canopy and logo mats to present your company’s logo in an attractive manner. The trade show flooring and trade show carpet too can be customized to your style in such a way that they boost up your brand during the trade show.

It is indeed a difficult task to locate a company that could design your trade show accessories in a quality and price that fits your budget. However internet can come to your rescue in find the best deal when it comes to locating the right service provider for customized trade show products. Just use the keywords above and you will get a number of service provider from whom you can pick the right service provider by comparing the services and prices.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can seo writer create traffic to your website?

Here is the most awaited topic How to create traffic to your website. We have been so far learning about different sources for traffic generation, such as buying traffic and borrowing traffic. In this article, I wish to let you know about how to create traffic of your own.

You have always heard that Content is the king, content is the queen, content is all and so many other phrases glorifying the importance of textual content. Do you believe that these statements are true? If you do, you already know how to create traffic to your website. Here I give you some tips on content writing.

Unique content is the mantra of success when it comes to online business. When your website has unique content naturally search, engines value it more than others that contain copied content. It is also important to check if your content has been copied to avoid duplication. This you can do it with popular tools such as copyscape.

It is always not possible to ad fresh content in websites and adding a blog to the website is the perfect way to add as much content as you like. This not only enhances your search engine rankings for multiple keywords but also is an excellent way to keep your website up to date and also keep your clients informed of the latest developments in your online business.

One other way to build quality backlinks and open doors for heavy targeted traffic is article submission. Seo writers are the apt ones when it comes to articles for submissions. Seo writers have great skills to maintain the required keyword density so that the article pops up in the first position for searches. People who search for specific keywords will certainly be a potential client desperately in need of your products and services. Any traffic from articles is likely to have higher conversion rates than from other traffic sources.

Hiring an seo writer is the best way to keep your traffic and sales high in the web world. If you are worried about the expenses of hiring a full time seo writer, then you always have the option of hiring services of freelance seo writers. No commitments, No headaches, Just pay as you go, Scale up or down as you whish.

Remember your seo writer need not be a writer for Washington Post, or Oxford Journals. Simple, unique, informative, interesting, and keyword-optimized articles will do. Here we provide seo writing services at incredibly low prices. Want to grow your online business mail to us now and start creating targeted traffic to your website.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Is it possible to borrow website traffic?

I had recently started blogging about three different ways of generating traffic to your websites. Of these I had mentioned the ways to buy traffic to your website in my earlier post. Unfortunately I had to make some quick posts on different topics which were least expected. Well now to continue on traffic generation methods this article will tell you the ways to borrow traffic to your websites.


Newsletters are an excellent means to borrow traffic. You can inform your potential clients about your services and products via email. There are service providers who have huge database of potential buyers. For a nominal fee you can send thousands of well-drafted newsletters to targeted customers. Placing a text link or a banner ad in the newsletter will certainly create good targeted traffic to your website. You can also do it yourself if you are able to collect the email ids of potential customers. Email dispensing software available in the market can come handy when it comes to sending thousands of emails.

The most important thing to note while sending out mass emails is the subject line. Your email can land up in spam folder and go waste if you do not write your subject line wisely. Yes the content of the newsletters need to be short and crisp. Who else do you think would read every word of a boringly long newsletter? This is why you need to present your content in an interesting manner. For newsletter drafting you need not hire an seo writer, content writers adept in newsletter writing can do a good job.


One other way of borrowing traffic to your websites is running contests. Yes it is of course a tedious task to run a contest all by yourself. You can make it a joint venture with like-minded traffic seekers. Sure you need to give away a few valuable stuff as prize for winners but on the other hand you are sure to generate good traffic this way. Make sure the content that invites the participants are properly seoed. An seo writer is the apt person to do it.

Guest posts

Yet another popular way of borrowing traffic is to make guest posts in high traffic blogs. A well-written guest post on a high traffic blog is sure to draw plenty of attention and traffic to your website. However, unless you are hardcore writer, the chance of your articles being accepted by high traffic blogs is feeble. You can utilize the services of seo writers for this purpose. Although seo is important, the content should have a magnetic appeal to the human readers to draw visitors to your website.