Friday, March 5, 2010

Seo writer’s tips on Fake PR

Many website owners and web masters are fond of buying links from high PR websites. While some of them are vigilant most of them seldom care about checking weather the PR is genuine or a faked one. Apart from being of no use the backlinks from fake PR could also be harmful to the site in terms of page ranking. In order to save money and discourage fraudulent practices, spending a few minutes to check the PR of websites offering links is worth it.

I shall discus the process of faking PR elaborately in a different blog post. In this article, as an SEO writer I wish to reveal a few well known and reliable methods that will help you distinguish between a genuine PR and a Fake PR. The simple test using the popular search engine google is typing this will instantly provide brief details about the website. If you find a different domain name then the PR isn’t genuine.

One other way is to check the cache in the google if the cached page is different from the homepage of the website then it has a manipulated PR. The easiest and most trusted method is to check the pages with online tools. For example, is a website that instantly tells you if the PR of a given website is genuine or not.