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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Difference Between A Writer And An Seo Writer

An SEO writer is a writer, just as any magazine reporter or literary author. There is however, a significant difference in the styles of writing. A literary author tells a story, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. A magazine writer reports on something that is happening. A web writer, or an SEO writer, writes directly to a targeted audience.

Much of web writing is in sales and copy. While there is sometimes the need for objective reporting, most of the writing you see online is geared towards motivating people to take action. If you are selling your products or services online your main objective is to convince your audience to stop surfing and take action. So what you are looking for is high quality article writing with a sales-oriented style.

A good SEO writer can alter his or her writing voice to connect with your target audience. Some articles have very distinctive voices, which may appeal to a particular gender or demographic. Some articles are conversational if the product or service calls for this familiarity. Some articles may be serious and academic, if the situation merits.

Your first step should be identifying a specific audience and then publishing articles that will address the subject matter they are searching for. Rest assured, if the article is of high quality, your web audience will read the full page. If the article is written with a powerful conclusion enticing the reader to take action, you might very well see a big increase in sales.

An SEO consultant, part of an SEO firm, also knows a great deal about HTML and web optimization. An individual SEO writer may not have the technical savvy to help you increase your traffic. A well-written article may very well sit and collect dust in cyberspace because it hasn't been submitted to directories, or optimized for web searches.

An SEO firm can help you with the full experience of an online SEO campaign. A web marketing firm can help you with technical specifications, keyword research, HTML, article directory submission and other new SEO techniques that can improve your ranking in the Top 10. If you are interested in promoting your web presence then don't settle for second best. An SEO writer should be a combination of a writer and a web programmer. Make sure you are getting a full campaign with your money rather than just a few articles.

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