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Monday, August 16, 2010

US-based SEO writers I $1/100 words

Looking for US-based SEO writers? You are at the right place. Get your website content optimized with articles from excellent US-based SEO writers at affordable costs. If your target audiences are native speakers, the right way to convey your message is through well written content. It’s true that there are several SEO experts that can optimize your websites for search engines. It is also true that there are good writers that provide highly informative and interesting content that could compel visitors to click or alter their decision making capabilities.

We on the other hand are a bit of both! We write killer articles and optimize them for the best results. Our team of SEO writers comprise both writers from English speaking countries and also from around the globe. We have optimized this blog for the keyword SEO writer and haven’t made any efforts to build backlinks just to show you that content alone can work wonders when it comes to search engine ranking. Imagine if you had your content optimized and sufficient backlinks. You will remain No. 1 in Google and other major search engines. What are you waiting for take a decision now and let it be a wise one. After all it is just a fraction of what your website would generate once you get it optimized.

We offer SEO submission services at highly competitive rates.

When it comes to SEO article writing, look no further. We are the best.

Our price starts from $1/100 words for SEO writing. Hire native speakers for $2/100 words and US-based SEO writers for just $2.5/100 words.

Our SEO packages:

SEO Activities

Standard SEO Package $249 Package

Professional SEO Package $349 Package

Keyword Research

Keyword research is done by standard tools like

Keyword research is done by standard tools like

On page Optimization

We optimize 5–10 pages

We optimize 10–15 pages

Article Writing and Submission

Article writing and 40 submissions to top ranking article directories

Article writing and 50 submissions to top ranking article directories

Directory Submission/ Niche Submission

Submission to 40 high PR directories with 3 paid directory links (worth $5–$10)

Submission to 50 High PR directories with 5 paid directories ($10–$15)

Social Network Links /Ad Products

25 social network links from popular social network sites like LinkedIn, propeller, digg, squidoo, mysapce, facebook etc.

50 social network links from popular social network sites like LinkedIn, propeller, digg, squidoo, mysapce, facebook etc.

Blog Comment Links

15 search engine friendly blog comments with ‘do follow’ links

25 search engine friendly blog comments with ‘do follow’ links

Link Baiting (One-way / Three-way)

Assured 2 one-way links in the relevant websites and blogs

Assured 5 one-way links in the relevant websites and blogs

While nobody provides links assurance, we do

You get 70–80 secured links

You get 90–110 secured links

Paid Blog Reviews


We will contact relevant blog owners and post a review for your product/service with an anchor text link back to your website

Press Release Submission


Writing a press release for your products/services and submitting it to 50 PR directories

Paid Website Links

Our team will get relevant high PR links for you (Optional payment by client)

Our team will get relevant high PR links (Optional payment by client)

Progress Reports

Report will be submitted to you once in a fortnight

Reports will be submitted to you once in a fortnight

You can also opt to hire our link building as a standalone service we would get you 500 links for just $200, for more details about link building services contact us.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding the Right SEO Writer for Your Web Site

When you are creating a web site for the internet that is business, you may not know how to do the SEO writing on your own. This is the time when you need to find a writer skilled in SEO to do the content writing for your particular site. So the problem becomes how to find the right SEO writer for your site. So what do you need to know when it comes to hiring an SEO writer and what do you need to look for to find one skilled and competent enough to take care of your site?

One of the first things that you will look for is a writer that specializes in this particular sort of writing. You can find this through different sites or you can find someone like this through a copywriter’s service. Even freelance writers can be a good source of this type of writing. The writer that you will need to select must be fluent in the ways of SEO and have done quite a bit of SEO on other works. You can also find one by word of mouth or by the means of references.

Each writer will have a different way of writing, but all must be fluent in writing content that meets search engine standards for being included. They will also know how to avoid certain problems such as keyword stuffing and other problems of this sort. They will also be skilled wordsmiths that will be able to make the content come alive in a way that will make the content unusual or written from a different viewpoint. You have to be able to stand out from the crowd and by hiring one of these specialists you will get what you need.

Someone like this will be familiar with terms such as keyword and keyword density and will know how to make the content fit into a search engine and still retain its originality. As stated before, you have to have a site that will stand out among the crowd. In fact, a writer that specializes in this particular writing style is well worth his or her weight in gold. Most smart companies will hire an SEO specialist when it comes to content of their site. This way, they can be assured of success when it comes to SEO and the ranking among search engines.

When engaging a writer in discussions about SEO, here are some questions for you to ask such as how long have you been writing SEO, Who have you worked for in the past and can we see a sampler of your work? The answers to these questions will guide you in making your decision about who writes the content of your site. The content is the most important site and someone that is writing that content also needs to know about links to and from other sites that are compatible with yours to build your ranking in the search engine just a little bit higher.

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When looking for a cheap, efficient way to promote your website, perhaps the best investment is buying keyword-targeted articles. Once you have the articles, check out some Article Marketing Servicewebsites.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Google PR versus Search Engine Ranking

Of late, many websites have seen a drop in the Google PR. This has resulted in slowdown of the internet market in general. It is true that Google PR plays an important role in evaluating the website. However, you should realize that Google PR isn’t the only criteria that search engines use to rank you website.

Webmasters have always aimed at an increase in the green bar and have always worked toward raising it a bit more every month. Now with irregular PR updates Google itself seems to have sidelined it. Google PR had been the hottest topic of debate among the orthodox SEO experts and the revolutionary sales promoters in the recent past. Whatever the result be one thing is clear; if you do not adapt yourself to the changing trends in the internet, you are likely to experience a drop in your sales.

Website owners and webmasters often forget that the goal of launching a website is to increase business and not just increasing PR. It is certainly not a bad idea to link to authentic websites that can drive the desired traffic to your website and increase sales. Yet another obvious way to get high traffic is through article marketing. Well written articles are the sure-fire way to get unlimited free targeted traffic to your website.

There was a time when free websites were looked down up on. Now, in fact, free blog sites are the ones that rank for almost every keyword and many prestigious websites look at these blog sites to drive traffic to them. Just decide if you need an increase in the green bar or your bank account! If the latter is your choice, then act now and find the best way to drive traffic to your site and boost your sales. It’s time to think out of the box and keep your lucrative online business going.