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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Web Content Writing Tips Do’s and Don’ts


Use the following:

* Short sentences, common words, titles, subtitles, and paragraphs
* Single idea per paragraph
* Crisp concise text
* Place the most important point and conclusion first
* Layman’s language
* Build credible text
* Bulleted lists
* Highlight text with the following attributes: bold or color, hyperlinks
* Catchy headlines avoid too cute or too clever lines


Avoid the following:

* Marketing jargon
* Redundancy
* Overloading information
* Hyperbole

How to write effective content? Do people really read all your content?

Not at all, they scan for their keywords and quick information. Reading on the web is too much work! Reading from a computer screen tires the eyes. This is why, web content should be 50% shorter than print. Highlighted text and bulleted lists aid scannability thus make an effective content. Readers on the Web are impatient and are in a hurry to get the information they in need, and move on quickly. They can’t stand obscure and complex text that take a longer time to understand. They don't enjoy scrolling through masses of text either. Since there are millions of similar websites in internet, they will quickly move to your competitor’s site if they don't crystal clear information in your website.

Attracting attention and retaining reader is a real challenge, because you just have less than

Ten seconds to grab attention of your web site visitor!

60 seconds to develop the understanding required for a sale of your product or service!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Things that freelance content writers need to know

As many of my friends wishing to be freelance content writers were asking me about how I was able to do projects and get payments, I thought posting these points in my blog could also benefit a multitude of other novice freelance content writers.

These are tips for freelance content writers to successfully complete their projects. When it comes to freelance content writing, you are exposed to a world of uncertainty. However, you can safeguard yourself from those who exploit you by following the procedures which standard companies do.

Things to consider while bidding for freelance content writing jobs

• Do not compete with those who provide services at unbelievable rates. Only two possibilities are with this kind of offers. Either they are amateurs or cheats.

• Accepting anything below your hourly rate should be only done only after careful analysis.

• Before you start the projects get clear instructions from your employer in writing. If your offshore employer is not clear ask him for sample contents and urls.

• While you can happily provide content for your well known clients and get paid, you should always consider an advance payment of 30–50% of the project cost, when you take up jobs from the unknown client.

• Check the standards of the clients’ website to produce content as per the existing standards. Else your content will be of too high standards for the audience.

• As soon as you complete your projects you got through bidding sites, do post a review about your client, and you should be honest in your review so that you enable your brethren to choose good employers.

• Be punctual in completing the projects and do ask for a review from your employer so that you get a positive image which can boost your chances of winning bids.

If you do not find all the points here do ask me question in the comment section and I shall provide you with apt answers