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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Difference between $5 article and $50 article

Had you been searching for content writers in the internet, you would have come across a variety of them. While some offer a five hundred word article for $2, a few would demand $200 for the same article. This vast difference often makes buyers wonder what really the standard pricing for content writing is. Well there are no fixed standards when it comes to pricing of content writing. However, there are certain factors that determine the pricing of your web content.

  •          Experience and skill of the content writer
  •          Quality of the content
  •          Geographical location of the content writer
  •          Demand and supply
  •          Urgency of your need

 Experience and skill do matter when it comes to content writing. An experience writer would have come across a variety of topics and would have in-depth knowledge in a variety of topics. Or at least will know how to research to get accurate factual details. Newbie writers on the other hand would have to struggle before they find out authentic information on topics. There will also be difference in flow of article and in the way facts are presented.

Quality is a relative term when it comes to writing for the web. A writer who writes for Washington post may be good at presenting facts. A few characteristics of quality content include gorgeous language, perfect grammar, punctuation, persuasive text, and the like. In this case paying $200 per article is worth. However, if the purpose of your articles is for submissions to article directories and blogs, it is certainly extravagance. Well written, interesting and informative articles acceptable by article directories should not cost you more than $25. If you are planning to cut cost, then offshore service providers can deliver similar quality articles at $5/article.

If you are wondering why writers accept such low rates, you need to understand that geographical location of the content writer has a major role in costing. A writer from India can easily write quality articles at $5 and still have quality life. However, a writer from England will never even think of such rates and the least viable pricing would at least $25 for a British or an American.

Content writing is also somewhat seasonal. For example, during Christmas or Easter, the companies would try to boost their sales and thus would rush in looking for content writers. And the recent recession, for example, when the investments were low, writers had to lookout for clients. When the write approaches a client, the client can decide on the pricing, on the other hand when the client approaches a writer, it is the write who determines the price.

Urgency of your requirement has an impact on the pricing. Writing is a creative job and often need necessary time to research and be creative. However, if you need your content within a short span, writers certainly can do that but the stress involved in continuous and long working hours should certainly be compensated.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you in need of content writers or seo writers?

No commitments, No overhead charges, Just pay as you go!

Content writing one of the most challenging jobs in the web development arena is often a baffle for entrepreneurs in the web development field. Quality content writers and seo writers demand hefty pay checks, while content writers with least demands often produce substandard articles.

 It is true that employee turnover has increased greatly and especially content writers are birds that fly toward greener pastures at their will. One cannot blame content writers because content writing is a challenging job especially when it comes to ESL writers.

Yet another problem faced by web development companies is that often they are unable to provide adequate work for content writers and seo writers but still have to pay them what has been promised to them during appointment. This is certainly annoying for hard working entrepreneurs.

If you are one on the lookout for a pragmatic solution to your content needs, then hiring freelance writers is the best option for you. We are a team of content writer providing high quality articles at affordable rates. We are well versed in SEO and business writing. You can forward you orders to us and just pay for what you need. Not only do you get high quality content at reasonable rates, but you can also scale up or down according to your desires without having to face any additional financial burdens or monetary loss.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to attract millions of customers to your website with SEO writing

There are millions and millions of websites on the internet. With that in mind what makes yours stand out? Out of all the millions what is that unique thing about your website that will get you millions of customers?

The answer: CONTENT!!

When people are coming to the internet, they are looking for information. They don't want to be advertised to because their main target is get relevant information that they are looking for and continue with other things. Giving adverts and pop ups to your visitors have been found out to be the most irritating things that your website can ever have. This is why people may visit your website and when adverts and other pop ups appear, they resolve to other sites. This makes your site unpopular and even search engines will penalize you for this. Always remember that if you want your website to be found by a potential customer, you have to provide the relevant content. If you have never known, content is what search engines are looking for. Search engines drink, eat and sleep content? Why? Because the people who are using the search engine are looking for information. So it is only fair if they provide sides with relevant content.

Now to help your site be indexed by search engines and make your website appear among the top results, you will need to optimize your site in such a way that you provide relevant content to the search engines and eventually the people seeking information. All this is summarized in 4 words: search engine optimization writing. This can be summarized as SEO writing.

SEO writing is all about creating relevant content for your website that will provide relevant information for your customers and also for search engines. This is killing two birds with one stone. If you show the search engines that you have relevant content then you will be indexed highly. When a potential customer comes looking for information, your site will be among the top. This means increased traffic and eventually a high conversion rate for you website. SEO writers are people who are experienced in generating content for websites. This is no ordinary content; it is relevant to what the site is about. There are some certain keywords and keyword phrases that your website deals with. SEO writers will do their research on similar keywords and keyword phrases and generate the relevant content for every website page. Trying to come up with your own individual content will take you months. For professional web content writers you can get it within days.

So don't waste your time trying to come up with content for your site alone. Get professional help now!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Web content writer versus lecturer

I had earlier mentioned that writing for the web is very different from the English taught in your school or college. In this article I shall give you a few examples of language usage in the internet.

I had been working as a lecturer in English in Nehru Memorial College (Autonomous) one of the most prestigious institutions in Tamil nadu, which is a pioneer that introduced the popular computer science as UG degree course for the first time in India.

When I was a lecturer I used to insist on the so called Queen’s English, whereas, being a freelance content writer I prefer American over the British English. American English servers better when it comes to writing for the web.

One other thing is the use of pronoun. I have always told my students that repeating nouns again and again (excluding the ones used for the purpose of clarity) in writings will result in a form of error called redundancy, which is viewed seriously by some of the orthodox teachers of English. But when it comes to writing for search engine optimization you will have to repeat the keywords in order to attain the required keyword density. If you are new to SEO, a glance at my profile will really astonish you. [However, as a lecturer I would certainly not recommend this type of writing for your term papers. This is only for article writers who write for the web]

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Saturday, October 4, 2008


There are hundreds of content writers out there waiting to be hired by you. However, not all writers are professional. Here I provide you with a touchstone method to grade the contents written by content writers that offer you their service. For your convenience I start it from the scratch.

· Where to look for content writers in the Internet?
· How to choose the best and the cheapest one in biddings?
· Checking for originality
· Characteristics of a good content writer

Where to look for content writers in the Internet?

Internet has always proved to be the best place to find any kind of talent. You can use the search engines to find out professional writers who will have a blog or a website to serve the clients. One other place to look for good content writers is the forum. Advantages of selecting writers through forums are many. You will have reviews posted by many of their clients, which will be helpful for you to judge the writer. There are also websites that serve as a meeting point for writing service providers and buyers, where you can find affordable content through biddings.

How to choose the best and the cheapest one in biddings?

Once you have posted your offer through bidding services, you will find a number of content writers competing for the job with different quotes. As you will find a number of writers offering their writing services at different rate, you may find it difficult to choose the writer best fit for your purpose. Here’s where you got to be choosy. Do not always go for the lowest bid because you may end up hiring an amateur. However, those with the highest bid need not either be a professional. This is where you need my touchstone method of selecting content writers. First, choose writers by judging their attitude that is revealed in the sentences posted for the bidding, and not by rates quoted. Talented writers confident in their writings always quote in the mid range in biddings.

Checking for originality

This is a simple test that should be performed as soon as you receive the sample written work. Just copy a line or two from the article and paste it in google search with in double quotes. As you click the enter key if the article is a copied one you will find the search revealing those lines exactly as they are in bold. There are also other services that help you in finding any plagiarism, however, you will have to buy their service for a small price.

Characteristics of a good content [writer]

You must understand that word is life in the Internet. Once you get the samples from the writers you have selected analyze the writing thoroughly. See if the writer is able to revolve round the given theme. Check for the continuous thread that flows through out the article. See if there is consistency in writing style through out the article. Check if the article has adequate information (well researched) on the topic. Check how the keywords and phrases have been used in the content. Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. After all writing for the web is very different from writing for other purposes. However, the article should also have the characteristics of uniqueness, clarity, brevity, and accuracy.

Choosing a good content writer

1. How to select a content writer?
2. Checking originality of the content
3. What is an article spinning software?
4. What is plagiarism ?
5. Selection of topics

Answers to be published soon
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