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Monday, April 23, 2012

$5 Articles: Search engine optimized articles for submissions

Are you looking for a trust worthy seo writer, who can provide quality seo articles continuously for submission purposes? We provide good quality seo articles for submission at cheap rates. Our seo writers are experienced in writing unique and authoritative articles as per Google guide lines. Our cheap seo articles are a sure-fire way to boost up your products and services. Get free targeted traffic and grow your businesses with our seo article writing services.

With the change in Google algorithms, seo content writing has taken a new dimension. We are quick to adapt to the any algorithmic changes and this is why our clients stay ahead of others even during the tough economical times. It is important that you adapt to the changes and retain your position. Old seo writing techniques and black hat seo can never stand a chance with the Google.

Highlights of our seo writing services are as follows:

  • In depth research on given topics
  • Unique and authentic content
  • Language style suitable for a variety of target audience
  • Right Keyword density
  • High quality articles at low prices
  • On time delivery as promised
  • Perfect grammar and spellings
We have good number of satisfied clients from all over the globe. You too can join the list of elite clients that utilize our seo writing services to promote their online businesses. Give us a try and you will never regret. We provide special offers for repeat clients. Send us the details of your content requirements and get a free quote. Compare our prices with any standard content provider and place your orders. Your satisfaction is the key to our growth.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SEO writer on SOPA and PIPA

Vote against SOPA "Stop Online Piracy Act" and PIPA "Protect IP Act" and continue to enjoy your freedom in the internet.

January 18 has been a black day for the internet users. Many of the internet users found that majority of the websites, especially those that offer free knowledge services are being blacked out. It is a way of showing their protest against the SOPA and PIPA the two acts that could curb the intellectual activities on the web.

Advantages and disadvantages of SOPA and PIPA

Advantages of SOPA and PIPA include quality stuff in the internet. Today, with billions of websites offering knowledge services and other products, not all of them are original products. Yes, creativity is something that can’t be mass produced. There may be some kind of infringement as far as replicated products are concerned. Once SOPA and PIPA acts are passed, you will find many of the websites that claims to be authority sites will vanish. Only the originals will survive!  It is indeed good for businesses that make money out of their creativity. SOPA and PIPA acts will boost morale in the world of e-business.

The following are the disadvantages of SOPA and PIPA

It is a very good notion when it comes to theory; however, practically it isn’t good for the humankind. SOPA and PIPA acts would deprive internet users the availability of free knowledge bases like Wikipedia. According to SOPA and PIPA acts even accidental linking to blacklisted websites or those that comprise infringed content will get the website banned.

Moreover, there are also possibilities for two people to think alike. Even plagiarism isn’t being properly understood by the law makers themselves. For example there is a saying among the scholars “Copy from a source and you have plagiarized!  Copy from many sources, you have researched!”

Do you love seo writing? Want seo writing services to promote your businesses? Then join the movement against the acts and become a freedom fighter. Let the forthcoming generations enjoy the fruit of knowledge and let their eyes be open

We welcome your views on SOPA and PIPA!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Need of seo writer for article submissions

It is a well known fact that article submissions are great way to build quality backlinks. Anchor text links based on relevant keywords will provide you with the full benefit of seo. However, most website owners are scared of the cost involved in writing unique articles for submission. This is where article spinners and rewriting software made their way in to the market.

Did you know articles written by article spinners and rewriting tools are far more inferior to even to the articles produced by the worst seo writer? Many software firms have tried their hand on language related products such as grammar correction tool, article rewriting tool and the like but none of them have come out with a successful tool. They are yet to find a perfect solution for the writing needs. 

If you are aware of the fact you would not simply waste your money in investing in article writing tools. It is wise to hire cheap seo writers to draft seo articles for your purposes. You need not create posts that are equivalent to Washington Post or the Oxford journals. All you need is a human readable, search engine friendly articles that could be useful in building backlinks as well as draw targeted traffic. 

If you are in need of seo writers that can work for you at cheap rates do contact us, we offer seo writing services at an all time low rate of $1/100 words. Avail the help of seo experts and get the true value for your money. We help you grow your business at affordable costs. Next time you think of articles remember we are there to help you out. 

Although the above mentioned price for seo articles is for bulk orders we would gladly consider it for small orders, if you can place continuous article orders and wish to have a long term relationship with us.