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Sunday, February 8, 2009

An SEO-content writer should be adept both in language and techniques

While anybody with great language skills can be a good article writer, to be a successful web content writer, you need to master many a thing. First thing a web content writer should understand is that the very purpose of Web content writing is to make the website visible when a request is placed for certain keywords. I have seen websites with little value rank higher in search engines because of the seo-content in it. Whereas, great product sites without any articles or seo-content never show up for the keyword searches.

In my two years of content writing career, I have come across many content writers who write for the web. I also have studied websites that rank top for certain keywords. Surprisingly a few websites with poor language had ranked in top positions for keywords, while some of the websites with great content never showed up for the same keywords!

Here certainly the first type of content writing is the most needed one for websites. Imagine you pay a good sum for an attractive content and if nobody reads it? On the contrary the first type although successful isn’t the right way either.

The truth is the first set of websites although well optimized for search engines will certainly not deliver the desired results because the seo-content is only meant for crawlers and search engine robots and not for humans. Whereas, the second set of websites with its truly scholarly content remain hidden and will not serve the purpose as well.

While the content writing for the first set of websites must have been written by an seo-content writer with poor language skills, the extremely well written articles of the second set of websites lacked the seo skills to make the website rank high for search engines.

It is a must that you have to be proficient in the language and in the subject matter in order to be a successful article writer for the web. However, only a good knowledge of the internet and search engines can help article writers to be successful seo-content writers.

How to become a great seo-content writer? What is seo-article writing? And why keyword research is important to make your seo-content writing effective? Soon I will be publishing articles on these seo-content topics.