Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google PR dips again!

At content writer seo, we are generous enough to approve all of the comments that are posted in our blog. We are well aware of the consequences of approving certain comments that have links to dubious websites.  This time we have again faced the wrath of Google we lost our PR once again! Nevertheless we are very happy to see our traffic grow immensely. 

It is true that as a blog of seo writer any one visiting the blog would expect it to have a high google PR. Although we, seo writers, regret the Google PR loss, we are pleased to bring you the message that our generosity has only brought us loyal friends. We are happy to pay the price for our friendship.

So far Google gave us a chance to boast about our services by awarding high PR! To be a bit clear, our unique content in the blog gave us the much needed impetus to reach top positions for keyword searches as well as the page rank to our blog. If you are a webmaster or an expert in web development field, you would realize how unique content can do wonders. Just to prove this we did not do any seo promotions such as link building to this blog. The entire power of driving the website to top positions was derived from its unique and keyword rich content. You will literally find a very few back links to this blog.

Here’s yet another message for the visitors. The unexpected dip in Google PR hasn’t had any negative impact on our business. In fact our blog has reached right clientele ensuring a healthy growth in our seo writing services. Many of our patrons have indeed acknowledged the power of unique and keyword rich content.   

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you in need of content writers or seo writers?

No commitments, No overhead charges, Just pay as you go!

Content writing one of the most challenging jobs in the web development arena is often a baffle for entrepreneurs in the web development field. Quality content writers and seo writers demand hefty pay checks, while content writers with least demands often produce substandard articles.

 It is true that employee turnover has increased greatly and especially content writers are birds that fly toward greener pastures at their will. One cannot blame content writers because content writing is a challenging job especially when it comes to ESL writers.

Yet another problem faced by web development companies is that often they are unable to provide adequate work for content writers and seo writers but still have to pay them what has been promised to them during appointment. This is certainly annoying for hard working entrepreneurs.

If you are one on the lookout for a pragmatic solution to your content needs, then hiring freelance writers is the best option for you. We are a team of content writer providing high quality articles at affordable rates. We are well versed in SEO and business writing. You can forward you orders to us and just pay for what you need. Not only do you get high quality content at reasonable rates, but you can also scale up or down according to your desires without having to face any additional financial burdens or monetary loss.

End you search for content writers here and switch to the easy option of outsourcing your contents. Join hands with us and let’s grow together.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Freelance seo writers face drought

In the recent past, I have been getting a lot of enquires! Surprisingly, they were not for seo writing from clients, but from several seo writers across the world. Our seo writing firm too has been finding it difficult to get projects for quite some time. I see a great amount of decline in article orders.

I have been researching the web businesses to find out the reason behind the dry period in content writing. After a thoughtful research I have found a quite a few reasons that have created the current situation in the seo writing arena.

Of the several reasons that have made the life of freelance seo writers miserable, I list out a few that has had negative impact on the ESL seo writers. Indian seo writers were the most preferred ones for their mastery over the language whether it is British or American. However, as you are aware today’s seo writing is focused only for search engines and stuffed with keywords and not for the human readers.

The second tier seo writers from other developing countries have captured the market with their lowly English and charges. It is unfortunate that writers with reasonably good English, who charge reasonable sums, are now looked as costly ones. 

The rumor “content is not the king of web any more”, spread by a few webmasters that promote link farms have really gained momentum. Now online businesses are more interested in getting links from other sites that doesn’t even have an article relevant to their products. 

Link building must be done wisely and the content should focus human readers. Perfect keyword density and readable articles are the way build a stable web business. If you are one who wants to build a strong base for your web business, it’s time to change your attitude and get back to the quality contents for your websites.
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