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Friday, October 8, 2010

Is it possible to borrow website traffic?

I had recently started blogging about three different ways of generating traffic to your websites. Of these I had mentioned the ways to buy traffic to your website in my earlier post. Unfortunately I had to make some quick posts on different topics which were least expected. Well now to continue on traffic generation methods this article will tell you the ways to borrow traffic to your websites.


Newsletters are an excellent means to borrow traffic. You can inform your potential clients about your services and products via email. There are service providers who have huge database of potential buyers. For a nominal fee you can send thousands of well-drafted newsletters to targeted customers. Placing a text link or a banner ad in the newsletter will certainly create good targeted traffic to your website. You can also do it yourself if you are able to collect the email ids of potential customers. Email dispensing software available in the market can come handy when it comes to sending thousands of emails.

The most important thing to note while sending out mass emails is the subject line. Your email can land up in spam folder and go waste if you do not write your subject line wisely. Yes the content of the newsletters need to be short and crisp. Who else do you think would read every word of a boringly long newsletter? This is why you need to present your content in an interesting manner. For newsletter drafting you need not hire an seo writer, content writers adept in newsletter writing can do a good job.


One other way of borrowing traffic to your websites is running contests. Yes it is of course a tedious task to run a contest all by yourself. You can make it a joint venture with like-minded traffic seekers. Sure you need to give away a few valuable stuff as prize for winners but on the other hand you are sure to generate good traffic this way. Make sure the content that invites the participants are properly seoed. An seo writer is the apt person to do it.

Guest posts

Yet another popular way of borrowing traffic is to make guest posts in high traffic blogs. A well-written guest post on a high traffic blog is sure to draw plenty of attention and traffic to your website. However, unless you are hardcore writer, the chance of your articles being accepted by high traffic blogs is feeble. You can utilize the services of seo writers for this purpose. Although seo is important, the content should have a magnetic appeal to the human readers to draw visitors to your website.