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Monday, October 15, 2012

Three Reasons You Should Get a Degree Online

When you start looking at where you want to go with your future, college inevitably enters the picture. The issue for most is that college is a very difficult and time consuming prospect and a busy life can make it all but impossible to find the time for classes each day. So without completely changing your schedule, how do you earn a degree? The simple answer is to earn a degree online, but there are three reasons that will help you understand more about this option and why it is such a great time to go back to college.
  1. You Can Attend Any College
Because most colleges understand the needs of students to attend college online, you’ll find plenty of schools around the country offering online educations to students in any state. This means that if you are set on attending a specific college, but can’t leave your current state, you can still attend it. That freedom is often enough of a reason for students to follow this path, but it is far from the biggest one.
  1. Your Degree Will Be the Same
Plenty of students are worried that the degree they earn will not be on par with a degree earned from traditional classroom degree programs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only will you earn the exact same piece of paper as a student graduating from a campus based program, you may even have an edge. By completing an online degree program, you show future employers that you are able to keep yourself focused on a task and need no supervision. Just ensure that you mention that you earned your degree online somewhere in your resume.
  1. Your Schedule Won’t Change Much
To decide if an online degree program is right for you, you should understand how an online course is handled. Once you enroll in an online University or community college you are given access to a central hub that grants you access to a wide variety of tools and features that will keep you organized through the semester. This hub also grants access to each online course you are enrolled in, and just like going from one class to another on a campus, you click one link or another to visit your virtual online classroom.

Inside this classroom you will find plenty of tools, a discussion board, files for lectures and other important documents that will assist in your learning and finally, a schedule. This schedule is what you will focus on more than anything else in your classes. Each instructor will provide you with a specific schedule for their class with due dates that are considered “hard” or “soft.” The soft due dates are simple suggestions on when you should complete certain study materials, but the hard due dates are for graded assignments. Tests, quizzes and reports would all fall under the “hard” due date label, so make sure you have those in by the due date. As long as you are meeting those specific deadlines, it is up to you when you study and how you prepare for your graded work.  

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