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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to retain your seo writer at all times and grow your business

Website owners often find quality seo writers with great efforts after spending much time and money. However, once their project is over, they forget about the seo writer and continue with their online businesses until they need the services of seo writer again for promoting their websites. Continuous website promotion via fresh seo content addition is important to rank high and generate targeted traffic to the website.
It is important that you retain your seo writer. If you are wondering how to provide the seo writer with continuous job, here are a few tips for you. 

  •          Integrate a blog to your website and update it daily with fresh and keyword rich content.
  •          Add a subscription and send newsletters on weekly or monthly basis.
  •          Start a free blog in platforms such as blogger or wordpress and promote your products and services using them. They can function as additional sources of targeted traffic to your primary website and also increase page rank of your primary business website.
  •          Post keyword rich articles in article directories to attract traffic from the article directories.
  •          It is a good idea to use guest posts in other high PR blogs so that you get backlinks and traffic from them as well.
The above tactics are a great way to promote your online business and also retain your seo writer at all times. Had you hired a quality seo writer and missed him/her, you would certainly have known the pain of getting one other writer of equal caliber. Although it isn’t necessary to periodically increase the pricing, providing them with bonuses soon after completion of projects will make them loyal towards you. Even if they are offered a higher price for projects, they will allot a specific time for your projects so that the relationship goes on smoothly for a long long time.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is it possible to buy targeted traffic?

There are hundreds of websites that have been created to generate traffic and divert it to other websites that are in dire need of traffic. Good examples are those specially created for Adsense programs. These usually are the most powerful tools used by web development companies to drive traffic to their clients who are ready to pay for the traffic. Usually the links of the client sites are placed in prominent positions where they get clicks from the visitors. Since the content of the website is relevant to the linking site, usually clients get highly targeted traffic by just paying a monthly rent for the links.

If you are wondering how the web development companies are able to generate such heavy traffic, here I reveal you the secret. They employ webmasters who continually promote their site via email ads, sms ads, banner ads and the like. They also follow other methods such as directory submissions, article submissions and even purchase links from heavy traffic websites that are relevant to their website.

If you are planning to buy traffic it is important to analyze the traffic of the website where you will be placing your links. You should also be prepared to shell out few bucks every month. This is ideal for website owners who like to have decent targeted traffic without having to spend a lot of time promoting their websites.

You should also remember that buying are selling links could be highly risky because it isn’t good at the sight of search engines this is why many websites in spite of good content and heavy traffic still is ranked low by search engines. The indication for a penalized website is that it would have a low Google PR although they have good content and backlinks. Chances are that if you place your links in such a website that your website will also be marked as one having links from bad neighborhood.

However, wisely selecting websites from the service providers could be highly beneficial as the conversion rate is high from the traffic obtained from these websites.

Wondering about other ways of generating traffic to your website for free? Yes there are a few other ways to increase your website traffic, but you will have to wait until I post my next article on generating targeted traffic.